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  • Bev: Mtndawg- Will is going to set up an email to his fans with news of upcoming shows. I think he'll be touch soon. Does this help?
  • Mtndawg: yes!
  • Mtndawg: !!!!
  • Mtndawg: YES!!!!
  • paul-cingolani: l
  • paul-cingolani: hello
  • paul-cingolani: that was from nqt
  • paul-cingolani: Daddy has taken the computer back. Sounding great!
  • Mtndawg: :-)
  • Mtndawg: I will be pushing this show big time from Chicago. It's been great 2 times in a row.
  • Mtndawg: Thanks. Will keep track on Reverb for now.
  • Bev: Paul, a bass here? :}
  • Mtndawg: I"m playing bass in Chicago with will :)
  • Mtndawg: as best I can
  • Bev: Thanks so much Mtndawg! Really appreciate your support!
  • Mtndawg tipped $2!
  • paul-cingolani: !!
  • paul-cingolani: Nice show!
  • Mtndawg: Love it! See you next week!
  • Bev: Thanks all!
  • Bev: Hi all.. be sure to hit following so we know you're there watching! Welcome to the concert!
  • Bev: Hi!
  • Bev: Hi listeners! Be sure to hit follow so Will can know you're watching.
  • Mtndawg: Very sorry I missed tie 3/3/2019 show!
  • Mtndawg: I see Bev online. so should be soon!
  • Mtndawg: All right!
  • Bev: Hi Mtndwg! We've missed you! Welcome back!
  • Mtndawg: congrats!!!!
  • Bev: Hi everyone! please be sure to let Will know you are following- he loves to know who has joined him.
  • Mtndawg: look forward to getting more people turned on to Will!
  • Mtndawg bought reward: "an autographed copy of song lyrics "
  • Mtndawg: Cool
  • Bev: Hit follow- it will tell us you're here!
  • Mtndawg: grat song. Queen of hearts!
  • Bev: Mtndawg- is that the song you want autographed?
  • Mtndawg: yes
  • Bev: You've got it!
  • Mtndawg tipped $2!
  • Mtndawg: excellent
  • Bev: Thanks everyone for being here! Will will be back in two weeks. Tell your friends!
  • Mtndawg: will do
  • krissy35380: hi dear, i'm Krissy, please rate my private photos here - https://tinyurl.com/f66543 (registration required)

Past shows

  • Will Jacoby

    This show was on Mar 16th, 2019 | 4 people watched
    • Mar 16
      What a great voice!
    • Mar 17
      Entertaining show as usual
    • Bev
      Mar 17
      What was your favorite part of the performance? Loved the way you sang the song for Mitch!
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  • Will Jacoby

    This show was on Mar 2nd, 2019 | 4 people watched
    • Mar 2
      Great voice! Great songs!
    • Mar 3
      Shoot. Sorry I missed it. Was thinking it was Sunday night. So sorry to miss last night!
    • Bev
      Mar 3
      What was your favorite part of the performance? Loved hearing the song from your first album- Double Minded.
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