Will Jacoby


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  • Mare: Hi guys. It's Marianne
  • Mare bought reward: "virtual hug"
  • Bev: Hi Mare!
  • Mare: Hi, Bev. I love this song!
  • will-jacoby: HI KIDS! NO SHOW TONIGHT. Ive decided to play the 2nd and 4th week of each month.
  • Bev: Hi Mare! Thanks for being here again! Love your support!
  • Bev: Let Will know you're watching!
  • Desalvo: DR. D tuning in and enjoying.
  • Bev: Hi Dr. D! Thanks so much for joining us! Will see you soon:)
  • Bev: One of my favorites!
  • Bev: Record it please!:)
  • Desalvo: Thank you for the music. heading out for now. See you all soon. Have a great weekend.
  • Bev: If you're watching, let Will know!
  • jacoby-drums: We're here!
  • Bev: Hello! If you're joining us, let Will know you're watching. He loves to interact with his audience!
  • Bev: Hi Joshie! Love you! Sam there too?
  • jacoby-drums: yup both of us!
  • Bev: Hi Sam! Hugs to our yoga instrutor :}
  • jacoby-drums: <3
  • Bev: Who had joined us? Let us know.
  • jacoby-drums: woohoooooo
  • jacoby-drums: dawwww!! Thank you :)
  • jacoby-drums: Yayayay!
  • katherine-wadsworth: Me!
  • GypsyDavy: I'm here from Chicago.
  • katherine-wadsworth: Loving it Will >)
  • jacoby-drums: little reververation...more like little reverbnation amirite
  • jacoby-drums: *reverberation
  • Bev: Thank you for joining us!
  • Bev: The picture is really bad!

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