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  • Vic Sadot: Yvette O'Tannenbaum
  • Ray Naylor bought reward: "an mp3 of Vic Sadot's tribute song to Phil Ochs "Broadside Balladeer""
  • Ray Naylor: I just recently learned this song. I think it's more relevant today with the all voluntary army.
  • Vic Sadot: The Big Parade coming up; Phil wrote it with Bob Gibson
  • Vic Sadot: thanks for buying the mp3 Ray. Yvette is singing much louder than Tom was...
  • Ray Naylor: Yea, I had to turn the volume down!
  • Vic Sadot: The Power & The Glory
  • Vic Sadot: Get ready for 36 verses to the Ballad of Joe Hill
  • Ray Naylor: Sonny once said that she hated this song.
  • Vic Sadot: hahaha!! she probably told phil that too
  • Ray Naylor: I'm sure. By the way, a few weeks ago I interviewed Sonny Ochs. It's on my YouTube page. I split into 2 parts.
  • Vic Sadot: So there was a big event at the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa, OK today. I heard Kenneth Bowser was there to show his movie, Phil Ochs: There But Fortune. We showed that here on the 9th along with my new video made from the 1973 audio interview in DC
  • Vic Sadot: Will have to check out your interview with Sonny, Ray... Everybody wanted to do this song, Changes
  • Ray Naylor: Pretty, even through the webcam mic.
  • Vic Sadot: Richard Ochs from Baltimore
  • Vic Sadot: singing to Phil
  • Vic Sadot: Nine Eleven, Some Luck!
  • Ray Naylor: Vic, I got to go. Thanks for putting this thing together. Ray
  • DonAsTauno: I have been in and out. Trying to bring others into the broadcast by face booking the info. don't know if it is working
  • Vic Sadot: ok ray, my email is Let's stay in touch
  • Vic Sadot: Thank you for your effort DonAsTauno. We appreciate it. There are Ochs events all over the place, at least 2 in NYC, one of them is live streaming, Liverpool UK and Madrid and Columbus Ohio, etc
  • Dawgj99:
  • Vic Sadot: So where are you guys from? I'm originally from Delaware, met and interviewed Phil Ochs in DC in 1973 when I was 25, moved to DA in 2008
  • Vic Sadot: CA
  • Dawgj99: VA
  • DonAsTauno: CA
  • Dawgj99: The music scene in DC in the 70's,early 80's was amazing
  • Dawgj99: everyone came through
  • Joel R Kupferman: Greetings from NYC back to back live Phil Ochs shows
  • Vic Sadot: I found the old reel-to-reel interview in a box when I was preparing to move to California in 2008, had someone digitalize it, and in Aug 2015 I put photos over the audio and made a video. Posted it to YouTube & Vimeo as a free download
  • Vic Sadot: Hi Joel and Dawgj99!
  • Vic Sadot: Clyde Leland on stage singing Bracero
  • Vic Sadot: Nicole Anderson is on now.
  • Vic Sadot: Dave Welsh singing Flower Lady
  • Vic Sadot: Dave Welsh singing an original, "Who Are the Terrorists In This World?"
  • Tim McMullen: Thanks, Folks. Have a great rest of the night!
  • Tim McMullen: I am going to get some rest for our performance of Phil's songs tomorrow night in Venice, CA. Enjoy!
  • Vic Sadot: Good show to you Tim! Thanks for hanging out with us. I'm doing United Fruit and Broadside Balladeer.
  • Vic Sadot: Francis Collins singing Phil's We're the Cops of the World
  • Vic Sadot: Now we have Molly Thomas....
  • Vic Sadot: Sponsored by the Social Justice Committee of Berkeley Fellowship of UUs... I Ain't A'Marching Anymore...
  • Vic Sadot: I flew the final mission in the Japanese skies
  • Vic Sadot: Set off the mighty missile roar
  • Vic Sadot: mighty mushroom roar.. lol sorry
  • Vic Sadot: felt great singing out tonight in Berkeley! Here you have Mike Rufo doing an update of Outstide of a Small Circle of Friends
  • missy452cl: hey dear, i'm Missy, please rate my private photos here -

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Vic Sadot was born in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania in 1947. He lived mostly in Newark, DE after age 5, and he graduated from Newark High School in 1965. Vic studied Political Science, French, and English Literature at the University of Delaware starting in 1965. He graduated in 1969 in the midst of major protest upheavals and a climate of questioning that was happening all over the country. It... more

Vic Sadot was born in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania in 1947. He lived mostly in Newark, DE after age 5, and he graduated from Newark High School in 1965. Vic studied Political Science, French, and English Literature at the University of Delaware starting in 1965. He graduated in 1969 in the midst of major protest upheavals and a climate of questioning that was happening all over the country. It was a rude awakening to the political reality of wars for corporations to plunder the resources of less powerful countries. Yet much of the learning came from listening to a new wave of topical folk music coming mainly out of Greewich Village in New York City with the likes of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton, and many others living the legacy of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. Before that, Vic’s favorite singers were people like Elvis Presley, John Lennon of the Beatles, and commercial pop culture.

Vic moved to Washington, DC in the summer of 1969 to work for the Mobilization Against the War in Vietnam. Vic volunteered at Georgetown University’s WGTB student radio, where he was asked to interview his political folk-song hero, Phil Ochs, in May 1973 when Phil was doing a week-long engagement at The Cellar Door. Phil had just returned from travels in South America and Watergate was beginning to undermine support for the Nixon administration. The 1973 interview by Vic Sadot and Rich Lang was a free download at the Phil Ochs tribute and memorabilia site known as No More Songs dot com.

In addition to learning songs in the pages of Broadside magazine, Vic began to write his own topical songs and got some of them published in Broadside. In 1982, when the editors of Broadside magazine in New York City obtained over 400 pages of FBI files on Phil Ochs by using the Freedom of Information Act, Vic was assigned to write and break the “Phil Ochs FBI File” story on the cover of Broadside. The 1982 article is available on-line at Broadside Balladeer Blog.

In 1985 Vic formed a folk-rock band with his brother Rob, and they released a 45 rpm single of the Chuck Berry styled “Good Time Delaware” with an anti-imperialist rocker called “Born To Win” on the B Side. Vic Sadot led the Crazy Planet band from 1979 to 1997. He led the Planète Folle “Cajun/Zydeco” band from 1997 to the summer of 2008. Vic moved to Berkeley, California in the autumn of 2008 where he began to record new songs and released “9/11 Truth & Justice Songs” on 9/11/11, the 10th anniversary of that tragic and politically pivotal false flag event.

Vic began making music videos for his own songs in 2009. “Cheney's in the Bunker”, “The Ballad of William Rodriguez” and “Mad Cowboy Disease” were the first three. Now Vic has over 25 videos on the “Truth Troubadour” YouTube Channel.

Cynthia McKinney invited Vic Sadot to sing his truth song about the 2004 overthrow of democracy in Haiti at her April 25, 2013 book-tour stop in Santa Rosa. The video of that performance can be seen on line as “The Kidnapping Coup”. Earlier, Cynthia wrote a review of Vic's “9/11 Truth & Justice Songs” CD. She said, “Not only have I found in Vic a new friend who understands my passion for what is right, I've found someone who knows how to artistically communicate the critical issues of our day.”

Vic Sadot writes in 3 blogs: (1) "Broadside Balladeer Blog" on political folk songs; (2) "Berkeley Calling Blog" on the living free speech tradition of Berkeley and the Bay Area; and (3) "Truth Troubadour" on 9/11, media lies, and “deep politics”. Vic's latest blog at Truth Troubadour is a review of Kevin Ryan's ground-breaking new book, “Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects”, which is also posted at in our blog section.

Vic's official web site is

Vic Sadot music videos can be seen at Truth Troubadour YouTube

Vic’s latest recordings are free mp3 downloads at


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