Two Birds One Stone

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  • Two Birds One Stone

    This show was on Jul 22nd, 2015 | 24 people watched
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  • Two Birds One Stone

    This show was on Jul 15th, 2015 | 3 people watched
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    • Jul 17
      Keep me posted you guys!
    • Jul 20
      ;) Ok, we will! We are having our first "real" Concert Window show this Wednesday 7/22/2015 @ ~2pm pacific time (PT).. Join us in the studio?! Should be a fun time... ;)
    • Jul 22
      Keep on rockin'
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Liam Flanagan of Down Stares Recording & Patoirlove have decided to work together on a new project they are calling "TWO BIRDS ONE STONE." Last year they spent much time in the Portland studio recording songs for Patoirlove's Debut Album "REP- Patoir" which was released this past Valentine's Day (2015). Now they have something else in mind... a rock band (duo project).'


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