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  • Home for The Holidays - A Very Carey Christmas w/ Todd Carey- Free Show

    This show was on Dec 10th, 2017 | 211 people watched
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    • Dec 10
      I loved the whole show. I loved how you sang Christmas songs and old and new songs of yours. Unfortunately I was at a Christmas party and was only able to watch on my iPhone and the chat did not show up. I had no idea how to get it to show or if that was even possible on the iPhone so I could participate in the chat. None the less you put on an amazing show as always. So glad I was able to watch the show.
    • Lea
      Dec 10
      What was your favorite part of the performance?All of it!
    • Dec 10
      So glad you do these on-line concerts. Can't wait to get you down to Lincoln, Nebraska! Merry Christmas Todd!
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  • Todd Carey - Free Online Show - Summer Tour Edition - f. Seth Faulk - 2 Sets!

    This show was on Aug 6th, 2017 | 136 people watched
    139 Comments - See all
    • Dec 10
      Awesome show Todd! We missed the 1st set but we're listening from Buenos Aires Now!
    • Dec 10
      Merry Christmas todd we love you
    • Dec 10
      We're late for our cocktail party but we're not leaving until you're done
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