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  • Todd Carey - Ship to Shore Online Show - f. Seth Faulk (Two Sets)

    This show was on Jun 18th, 2017 | 191 people watched
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    • Jun 19
      What's up, Todd and Seth?! Your Ship to Shore Online Show was everything I hoped it would be, and so much more. It was an incredible concert from start to finish, and it was the highlight of my weekend. I loved "Proud" from the opening note (I need that song on my iTunes ASAP) and the debut of "The History of the Girl Group" was an awesome and nostalgic way to end the show. You and Seth killed it, and your energy and joy was a true pleasure to watch, and kept me hyped all afternoon. I cannot wait to see you two in-person someday, and hopefully meet you as well and tell you how awesome you are face-to-face. Have a great day, guys!
    • Jun 20
      What was your favorite part of the performance?i loved all the music but my favorite thing about Todd Carey is how genuine he is. What a absolute sweetheart.
    • Jun 21
      Thank you again T.C, as ever, you and Seth killed it. Your energy was electric and It wasn't even a big gig. The effort you put in, is incredible. The time you take, to entertain us mere mortals, who are unable top attend your LIVE gigs, for whatever reason, I really can't express in words, how grateful I am, that you do such a wonderful thing for us, and the show is always second to none.Had the best evening/night, as did everybody else. I'm been feeling so poorly lately, and for those few hours, I felt so uplifted, by You, Seth Faulk, #ToddSquad . If Doctor's prescribed Music and Laughter as medicine, That show would be the cure! I can't imagine what then Real gigs are like, 'Cause, if the vibe was like that, just in a lil chill session. Well, put it this way, You are more than blessed to be doing a Job that you love. Thank You #ToddSquad for letting me join you occasionally from so far away. See you soon.
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