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  • susan-cowsill: prob'ly. may take me a little while, but...
  • susan-cowsill: unless youtube pulls it cuz it recognizes the song and plays the copyright card. :P
  • rob wildrover_55 mcgonigal: I Got Cut Off!! :(
  • tim: They are doing an incredible job with this song!!!!!
  • rob wildrover_55 mcgonigal: Why'd I Get Booted! It's Frozen!!
  • susan-cowsill: refresh is your friend
  • tim: Unbelievable!!!!
  • rob wildrover_55 mcgonigal: ..I Am.. It's Not Playing At All.. :(
  • river: alex was channelling chris spedding.
  • rob wildrover_55 mcgonigal: @Susan~I'm Hoping To See You When The HAPPY TOGETHER Tour Comes To Casino Rama Or Fallsview Resorts, Will Be The First Time I Get To See & Meet You.. Fan Since The Ed Sullivan/Dean Martin Show/Sonny & Cher Days?! WoW! Peace, Namaste! _/|\_ ((^_^))
  • river: :)
  • rob wildrover_55 mcgonigal: G'Night Dear Lady..
  • luck-w: Fallsview? I'm near Niagara Falls too! Fun! :)
  • tim: Alex sang this song at the Yellow Brick Road CIV.
  • luck-w: Welp, I have to go to work!! Good night, everyone! It's been fun! :)
  • tim: Good night luck!
  • susan-cowsill: there you go tim. :)
  • tim: I was there !!!
  • susan-cowsill: one day i have to go thru the carrollton station old site calendar that i saved before they changed the website and make a list of all the vinyls and their dates
  • tim: Great idea Jeff!
  • susan-cowsill: proud to say that there is no vinyl that was not recorded. quality varies, but they're all there. :) and by quality, i mean my mix. or recording. they're on a variety of drives, clouds, discs, etc. but they're one big happy family. kinda.
  • susan-cowsill: jeebus...just realized vinyl is .........going on 12 years old. it's almost in high school.
  • milo: BEAUTIFUL
  • river: gn, all. thanks for the music, tumbleweeds.
  • Paulm tipped $2!
  • Meee tipped $2!
  • susan-cowsill: clappity clap clap
  • Becki Lou: Thank you for another night of great music! Love you!
  • milo: GREAT DRUMS
  • milo: 3 hts of awesome.......thanks
  • susan-cowsill: woo!
  • Laurie: Thanks for all the wonderful music!
  • susan-cowsill: i'll leave this on while i take everything down. maybe russ will come over. who knows. :)
  • milo: Burned it Down.
  • susan-cowsill: you may lose audio and or video but at least the chat will be here. :)
  • 52tele: Thank you for the great music!! We will see you at the next one, for sure!!
  • rockyr: Thank you Susan :-)
  • lisa-melamed: Hi from Los Angeles. Boy, that was fun. Thank you so much!
  • tim: Great job again tonight Jeff like always! Thank you very much!
  • tim: Good night all!
  • susan-cowsill: goodnight anyone who's left. shutting it down!

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    • Jan 22
      I Love susan and I support her any time I get the chance to hear her performaces its a treat. Not fond of the quality of the sound.
    • Feb 1
      I truly appreciate this show .Thanks Again.
    • Aug 29
      I will always Love You Susan * *
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      What was your favorite part of the performance?first time user. Really enjoyed the music and her comments. Since they only tour with oldies tour you only get to hear their three or four songs but really enjoyed some of music on global and round the bend. Thanks Susan and the band it was great!
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      Thanks for the comments y'all. Michael, that wasn't possible this time. We usually have our sound engineer helping, but this time it was just us and our house concert host.
    • Dec 14
      FredW, check because we regularly play full 75-130 min shows on stand-alone dates with the Cowsills! I, and Russ, also play out with our band (Susan Cowsill Band) on occasion. Those have been harder to book into our schedule since the Happy Together Tours, but we still manage to get out to play our original music and our Covered in Vinyl Series.
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Susan Cowsill first entered the pop-culture consciousness at the age of eight, as the youngest member of the '60s musical family the Cowsills, who graced the AM airwaves with such enduring pop hits as "Hair" and "The Rain, the Park and Other Things," and who were the real-life inspiration for TV's Partridge Family.

In adulthood, she's emerged as a singer-songwriter of singular... more

Susan Cowsill first entered the pop-culture consciousness at the age of eight, as the youngest member of the '60s musical family the Cowsills, who graced the AM airwaves with such enduring pop hits as "Hair" and "The Rain, the Park and Other Things," and who were the real-life inspiration for TV's Partridge Family.

In adulthood, she's emerged as a singer-songwriter of singular emotional insight and musical resonance, first as a key member of beloved alt-roots-pop super-group the Continental Drifters and more recently on her widely acclaimed second solo album Lighthouse, her follow up to Just Believe It.

Rolling Stone's David Fricke described Just Believe It as "the hardy, heartbreaking sound of a woman in the prime of her singing and songwriting life," while The Huffington Post noted of Lighthouse, "Every song is a highlight... This work of art is akin to musical cinema."

Lighthouse's soulful, personally-charged songcraft reflects the artist's experiences during a wrenching period which saw Cowsill dealing with the deaths of her brothers Billy and Barry, and the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, which claimed most of her and her family's material possessions and temporarily displaced them from Susan's adopted hometown of New Orleans. The album reflects the hard-won lessons of Cowsill's experiences, while maintaining the unmistakable sense of optimism and spirituality that's always been at the heart of her work.

Lighthouse also features guest appearances by longtime friend and admirer Jackson Browne, as well as Susan's brothers Bob, Paul and John Cowsill, her sister-in-law (and Bangles/Continental Drifters member) Vicki Peterson, and renowned session guitarist Waddy Wachtel, who began his career playing with the Cowsills in the 1960s.

In addition to being the youngest artist to ever score a Billboard hit single, Susan Cowsill has also lent her voice to albums by Dwight Twilley, Giant Sand, the Smithereens, Carlene Carter, Nanci Griffith, Redd Kross, Jules Shear and Hootie and the Blowfish. She was the first artist to cover a song by future cult legend and current comeback star Sixto Rodriguez, releasing her version of his "Think of You" as a solo single on Warner Bros. Records in 1977. She also recently teamed with fellow troubadours Jon Dee Graham and Freedy Johnston as the Hobart Brothers & Lil' Sis Hobart on the critically lauded album At Least We Have Each Other.

"The songs on Lighthouse portray the loss of a world and a lifetime that no longer exists," Cowsill notes. "It is about the uncertainty of the days, weeks and months that were ahead of us. And at the same time, it is the music of hope and faith and survival, the renewal of our city, our families and our souls.

"Going through Katrina was most certainly like experiencing a death. The time in between the storm and the making of Lighthouse was the grieving period, and the recording of the music was the funeral, laying it all to rest, saying goodbye, and starting over.

"So here we are, in our new world. And this world is filled with beauty and light and excitement, and the newfound knowledge that the present is really all that we have, because everything can change in the blink of an eye... Hey, that sounds like a song comin' on—gotta go!"


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