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  • bethany-hill: wow!
  • bethany-hill: I do.
  • bethany-hill: steve is a big wierd al fan.
  • Steve Goodie: Everyone, tweet that we are doing this stream! --Brett
  • Kiki Willows: "He who is tired of Weird Al is tired of life."
  • bethany-hill: i shared on my Facebook and on steve's facebook
  • Kiki Willows: I'm going to have to restart my computer. I'm lagging pretty badly. I'll be right back. Sorry.
  • bethany-hill: Oh steve makes me laugh till I cry. hehehe.
  • bethany-hill: and my face turns red.
  • bethany-hill: Yay! more! More!
  • Kiki Willows: Okay, I think I have it working now, so yay!
  • bethany-hill: yay!!!!
  • bethany-hill: Good show Steve!
  • Kiki Willows: Came just in time for the last minute and a half. XD
  • Kiki Willows: Great job! Enjoyed every minute (Or at least every minute I could watch)!
  • bethany-hill: Me too! I always enjoy watching Steve's big dumb shows. :)
  • bethany-hill: Nice to meet you on here Kiki and Brett. :)
  • Kiki Willows: Nice to meet you, as well! ^^ I hope to see you next time!
  • Kiki Willows: Oh, here, I'll shoot you a friend request!
  • bethany-hill: ok
  • Kiki Willows: I'll see you on Facebook! ^^
  • Steve Goodie: We'll be starting promptly at half past the hour! -Brett Glass
  • Steve Goodie: Are we coming through?
  • Steve Goodie: This is Brett, Webcasting Steve using his ConcertWindow channel. Let us know how the stream looks!
  • Steve Goodie: (Brett:) Steve wasn't expecting some of the guests to bring their kids.... He's doing a fantastic job of keeping the show just on the edge of acceptability for 8-year-olds.
  • WildCard9: I just connected in. Sounds like the audio is repeating
  • WildCard9: Yeah, the audio is just repeating the stream itself back here, so it is just a loop of the same overdubbed audio
  • WildCard9: I can see Steve, I just can't hear him. I hear the audio loop instead
  • WildCard9: I can hear Dumbledor behind the audio loop, so it may be that both the live audio and the loop are playing over the stream at the same time.
  • DorkyColey bought reward: "An album download of "What, And Quit Showbiz??!!""
  • DorkyColey bought reward: "Free mp3s of five songs including "I Love My Job," and "The NASCAR Song"!!"
  • DorkyColey bought reward: "A free mp3 of the song "I Love My Job"!"
  • LonesomeCrowdedLife bought reward: "An album download of "What, And Quit Showbiz??!!""
  • bethany-hill: im getting audio but not the video part in time with the audio
  • TheQueenM: Hola :-)
  • Steve Goodie: Good evening, everyone! How are we coming through??
  • mike-handley: Looks and sounds good to me
  • Steve Goodie: Great! This is Brett, behind the video console....
  • mike-handley: Looks and sounds good.
  • mike-handley: Sorry for the double thing. Chat acting a little weird for me.
  • Steve Goodie: Can you see the video? I know there's a bit of glare.
  • vanessa248un: hi dear, i'm Vanessa, please rate my private photos here - (registration required)

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