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  • JRo: clap, clap, clap
  • Lauren: :)
  • Lauren: Sweet. Thanks
  • fourlyse tipped $10!
  • Nora: I like honey
  • Sixconners: Thanks a bunch for the Texafied JamFest plug!!! It's gonna be amazing, and everyone should come! Mainly because you're playing, of course... :)
  • Mom & Dad: Proud of the man you are..always considerate and thoughtful!!! This song is a good example..
  • Sixconners: And...Lucy says THANKS!!! <3
  • JRo: I'd love to hear Good Love if you have time!! But if not, I understand!
  • Adam: clap ckap
  • Walt tipped $20!
  • JRo: Mom&Dad, you raised the sweetest young man. We love to have him at our house!
  • Lauren: Leah, Super excited for Texafied!!
  • Mom & Dad: you are a positive
  • JRo: I'm A- but Gordon and the boys are O+. Figures I'd be the negative one, right? lol
  • Lauren: I have no idea — i guess i shouldn’t lose blood
  • Nora: @Mom... I'm worried about this kid, you might need to call him tomorrow and fill him in, lol
  • JRo: LOL
  • JRo: Yay!!
  • Lauren: Good Pick, JRo
  • JRo bought reward: "Autographed Poster"
  • fourlyse: I know this one!
  • JRo: The Pappy's is gone, how did you know?
  • JRo: haha
  • Natalie: J.Ro I love this one, too! Wish you and G.Ro were going to be here on Thursday! If you change your mind, come over! Piper would love to meet you both.
  • Adam: yay!
  • JRo: Thank you!!! <3
  • JRo: Natalie, wish that we could but I don't think we can. I'll keep you posted though, would love to meet Miss Piper, she is adorable!!
  • Lauren: Thanks!! See you in three weeks.
  • Mom & Dad: OH NO!!!!
  • jeccaphoto: already following! <3
  • JRo: I did prefer this to Stageit, seemed easier to stream but we will adapt.
  • Lauren: <3
  • JRo: Good choice Lauren and thanks for asking!!!
  • jeccaphoto:
  • Lauren: I figured after our weekend we needed to hear this one :) heh
  • JRo: Right Lauren? Although I sweated out any booze I had, it was My fingernails were sweating!!!
  • Nora:
  • Lauren: So true, JRo!
  • Lauren: It was more the night before...for me..heh
  • JRo: Sunday I had one Mich Ultra and then 3 waters and 2 bottles of pepsi. Sat., those Blueberry Mint Vodka Smashes...yum!
  • Lauren: I drank a lot of those real fruit juices with shots of whatever people had around me :) those were really good
  • Adam: clap clap
  • JRo: Thanks so much for the lovely evening!! See you soon Steve!!!
  • Lauren: YAY!!! Thank you.
  • Nora: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lauren: Goodnight all! See you guys soon.
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Join me for live performances of new and old songs from my porch/living room.

I'll be the guy with a cigar and a beard.


Join me for live performances of new and old songs from my porch/living room.

I'll be the guy with a cigar and a beard.


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