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  • Electronic Emotions

    Wed Jan 24th 2:00 EST - Rock, Blues

    Fabio Santangelo was born in Foggia, in the first half of 1979 and suddenly it has been love for music. Since his childhood he demonstrated a huge passion for music and interest for piano, until he started taking lessons from a Maestro who introduced him to Eric Clapton's Blues. A revelation. Since then he never stopped. The Blues went under his skin. Fabio IS the Blues. He breathes it. His studies lead him to several collaborations that began in 1996 and went on until 2007 with some Gospel Choirs, first in Foggia and then in Vigevano, where he moved later. Since 2011 to 2015 he's been part of the Christian Rock Duo "Dual Sound". Actually engaged with some recording projects of international importance, in February 2016 he started a new collaboration with Lexi FreeSpirit, composing and producing music for the Dark-Rock Singer's Album. Always in 2016 he's been hired by the Cultural Association Artiké as Composer of the Original Sountracks for the Theatrical Show "Via Di Fuga" (Escaple Lane), which has been first performed in June 2017. Fabio Santangelo's Blues is something different, an instrumental kind of Blues composed and performed with keyboards, piano and keytar which the artist masters and, even without the "support" of a singer, his instrumentals are always original and bring in the international music landscape a different and captivating sound.

  • Strong Sun Moon is a multi-genre experimental ensemble from Seattle influenced by Latin rhythms, Americana, Blues and World music. The group transcends genre boundaries with complex ancient rhythms, piercing 21st century lyrics, and a blend of musical styles from three continents, weaving a kind of inclusive love that inspires a true sense of community. Instruments from South America, Cascadia, and Eastern Europe form a compelling musical landscape and moving painting of verse highlighting visionary lyrics and social justice.

  • Fellow Pynins in concert at Casa Verde

    Sat Feb 3rd 10:30 EST - Folk, Country

    A continuing concert series, organized by retired ski patroller and Powder skier from Bear Valley, Phil Davis. We have presented concerts for over 25 years, and in the past few years, on a much more regular basis, thanks to my friends at the Big Sur and Shasta Fiddle Camps. Our Log Cabin Venue is snowbound during winter months, and is enjoyed by visiting ski groups and families mostly on weekends. So while most of our shows will take place on weeknights, we are also working with other possible venues in Bear Valley, to present artists on Weekends when possible. On February 3rd, we present Fellow Pynins, at our Casa Verde Venue, in Point Richmond. RSVP for address at 415 779 2093 if you plan to attend, or tune in here on Concert Window. Promoter Phil Davis is a retired ski patroller in Bear Valley, California with the nickname “Powderbear” due to the snowy conditions in which he works. Back in 1980, Phil and two friends bought a remote log cabin in the Bear Valley ski area with the intention of turning it into a cross country ski lodge. It wasn’t located near the roads; as Phil says, “I had the snow cat to get guests in, and pack a trail to the cabin.” The lodge was used as a base for a helicopter skiing operation for a few years, and then a new idea emerged. “Some of my Strawberry Music Festival Friends convinced me late one night that we should put together a gig at my Log Cabin. So our first gig was with a band they had at the time, called ‘Horse Opry,’ and it was a benefit for the local school, to send the kids on a field trip to Washington DC that next summer. Then a few years later, I met the Violin Voyager, Kim Angelis and her husband Josef, and we did a couple of house concerts with them in the next several years. It was very occasional at first.” Through a chance one-off concert with Australian band The Waifs, and then the friendly prodding of fiddler Tashina Clarridge, Phil began hosting regular concerts at the Log Cabin. In recent years he has hosted Aoife O’Donovan, The Deadly Gentlemen, Phoebe Hunt, and the 10 String Symphony, among others. Since finding a way to bring satellite internet out to the Log Cabin, Phil has recently entered the new domain of webcasting his shows. “Concert Window,” he says, “is a wonderful project that provides not only promotion of concerts, but also a funding source to help these projects stay alive. Every ticket sold on Concert Window is vote for live music. If there is a space, and you have musicians who are willing to play in your space, go for it!” If you’re interested in visiting the cabin, better pack your skis. According to Phil, “it can be reached both by downhill or cross country skis, but not by car (for 6 months of winter). The roads are packed and groomed in Bear Valley, and our cabin is located on a very private trail, about 5 minutes ski, or walk, from the nearest ‘groomed road.’ For first time non skiing guests, and for musicians and equipment, we can transport you via snowmobile and cargo sled to the cabin. Once you know where it is, it's a pleasant walk, and in moonlight, it is a piece of pure magic.” We appreciate the support of those who know the magic of live music. Please come, or tune in online and contribute what you can to help this project support live music and touring musicians.

  • Darrell Scott

    Thu Feb 8th 8:30 EST - Folk, World

    BLUE ROCK LIVE: Tune in for a live concert/session from the heart of our 19th century-inspired performance and recording spaces, with an intimate studio audience. Interact in real time with ConcertWindow viewers. Performances are webcast in multi-camera HD video and pristine audio. Enjoy exclusive artist interviews between sets. --------------------------------------------- Get online early! We will open up our cameras an hour before showtime so you can test your stream connection. Here is a link for our best stream practices, to help you all be able to enjoy the experience: http://bluerocktexas.com/live/ ---------------------------------------------------- Concert Window FAQ page: https://concertwindow.desk.com/ Link for an Internet Speed Test: http://www.speedtest.net/

  • Simona Minns

    Fri Mar 23rd 7:00 EDT - Event, Folk

    The Burren Backroom Series, launched in October of 2011, has already created many memorable, intimate, informal presentations. These shows are held in a truly atmospheric space, created by well-known traditional musicians Tommy & Louise McCarthy in Davis Square, Somerville, Masachusetts. Wednesday night shows are hosted by Brian O'Donovan of "A Celtic Sojurn" on WGBH radio, these gatherings feature core performers from many aspects of traditional music as well as special guests, & conversations around the music. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights shows feature an eclectic mix of artists and styles of music. To see details about coming down to The Burren Backroom Series, check out www.burren.com for all list of all shows and many other musical events in our front and back rooms