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  • Graci Phillips & Friends Christmas Show

    Sat Dec 23rd 8:00 EST - Pop

    22-yr-old singer, songwriter, Graci Phillips, was born in Nashville, Tennessee to musical parents; John and Debbie Phillips. Her parents have recorded six albums, toured in 12 countries and extensively across America. Graci literally grew up in music. When she was a baby her parents often could not afford a babysitter and would take her to the gigs they were playing. Graci’s mom would rock her to sleep back stage, wrap her in a blanket and lay her in John’s guitar case on the side of the stage. If she would wake up, mom would simply slip off the piano, take her back stage, nurse her back to sleep, lay her back in the guitar case and return to the piano.
 At Graci’s birth, helping welcome her into this world and acquiring the title of “godmother” was none other than “Hee Haw” member, LuLu Roman. LuLu quickly fell in love with little Graci and was soon using her in a television commercial and an appearance on the Ralph Emery Show on TNN when Graci was 2-years-old. As a child Graci appeared in several television commercials in the Nashville area. She received her first guitar at age six for Christmas. Her four-year-old brother received a drum set and, the “happy noise” was on! The oldest of five children, Graci has led the way with her siblings passing up the parents in the pursuit of musical excellence. In 2008, she and three of her siblings recorded a family album with “mom and dad” at Ricky Skaggs’ studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Graci helped write the album. Graci was homeschooled for most of her childhood as she and her siblings crisscrossed America on tour with their parents. This coast-to-coast road-school instilled in Graci a love for different styles, people, and places. Her love for many genres of music started at a young age growing up hearing music like James Taylor and Stevie Wonder played by her parents. When Graci was in middle school an older friend introduced her to The Beatles and the White Album. Her musical world was changed forever! Graci began devouring any good music she could find. She would come home with stacks of CD’s from the library and stay in her room all day listening. The Beatles, CAKE, Fiona Apple, Jimmy Hendrix, Indigo Girls, Janis Joplin, Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, Alison Krauss, Simon and Garfunkel, The Goo Goo Dolls, and Ingrid Michaelson were just some of the artists found playing on Graci’s stereo.
 She began getting serious about guitar and piano at the age of 14 and started writing her own songs. She soon realized the great passion she had for music, and knew she wanted to pursue it as a career. She has gone on to learn (to varying degrees) banjo, mandolin, and accordion. The result of this musical childhood and wonderful journey is Graci’s freshman album, “Catastrophe,” ten new songs, seven written by her, two co-written, and one written by her dad, “Papa John.” Graci created this colorful project from experiences and situations in her own life, arranged and produced by veteran Nashville producer, Michael Demus. Graci’s greatest hope for this project is that people will relate to the emotion and the stories, applying them to their own lives. Knowing that someone else has been through the things you’ve been through can be so comforting. She hopes, in some small way, these songs will make any hard situations her listeners may be going through a little less hard! 
 Graci is continuing to write new music and grow as a person and an artist. Graci hopes to begin work on a sophomore album soon! Graci Phillips is well on her way to making a difference in the music world as a genuine, quirky, and creative singer-songwriter who is sure to inspire a lot of people and bound to leave her distinctive mark on many hearts. When Graci was 6 years old she told her father, “If I were a star, I wouldn’t be afraid of the dark, because I would glow!” From the sound of Graci’s album, “Catastrophe,” this star is shining bright.