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  • In Concert with Rhonda Mackert and Lynn Tredeau

    Sat Jul 15th 10:00 EDT - New Age, Instrumental

    “Just like most musicians, I compose from my heart and soul. Every song tells a story. I have spent a lifetime playing and loving other peoples stories. Now it is time for me to share my life through my music.” __________________________________ The music of this Idaho based composer and piano artist has been described as "beautiful and relaxing". Kathy Parsons of Mainly Piano wrote, “Her music is gentle, melodic and very accessible. Many of her pieces have a quiet hymn-like quality.” Steve Sheppard from One World Music Radio recently said,”She has a style that is, both gentle, but artistically clever and at times reminds me of Robin Spielberg” Lynn Tredeau was recently featured as a Debut Artist on One World Music Radio in the UK. ____________________________________ Her first album Echoes of Life climbed to #1 on Spa Channel & #2 on One World Music Radio top 100 and can be heard on radio stations around the globe. SnowLight (A Christmas Memory) will soon be available on Pandora. ______________________________________ Christmas is very special to my husband and myself, so releasing a Christmas Album was a joyful project. Music is an important part of my life on every day, but during the Christmas season, it becomes as essential as breathing. Many of the standard carols have evolved from arrangements I created for students, but there are also several original compositions that I hope become new Christmas favorites. _____________________________________ SnowLight is Lynn Tredeau's second album. Darla Bower of Enlightened Piano Radio writes that, “This album boasts of melodic rearrangements of favorite Christmas carols but yet invokes a joyful reflection of Christmas season’s past and present with delicate enticement. Each piece has a surprising and different interpretation of classic Christmas carols while showcasing gentle artistry.” Steve Sheppard comments this is a “Christmas based album of utter perfection. I really love it when an artist sets the scene with the album title piece and SnowLight the track is not only beautiful, but it sets the scene so classically and may I also say with great originality. ” _____________________________________ My debut album Echoes of Life tells stories that reflect my life experiences. Hiking in the mountains, playing with my grandchildren, the adventure of travel and comforting loved ones during times of loss. My deepest hope is that my music allows you to reflect on your life and revisit those memories that mean the most to you. Steve Sheppard of One World Music Radio wrote that Echoes of Life is a “total must for all lovers of the solo piano genre, but the care, calmness of pace and professionalism in this release, is rare in a debut album.” __________________________________ Music has always been my joy in good times and my solace in bad times, but raising a family became my passion and the kids activities filled my days. I stole those occasional afternoons to play, but for the most part, music waited patiently for me to return. __________________________________ When my children grew into adults, my dream of owning a grand piano became a reality. Music once again became an all consuming passion. I spent many years teaching and I was privileged to share my love of music with countless others. Up to this point in my life, the music part of my brain was a one way valve. I took in music that had been lovingly created by others, but I hadn't yet discovered that those little melodies that I hummed to myself could blossom into something larger. But the day came when I decided it was time to share the music within.

  • 5-Week Instrumental Showcase

    Thu Aug 10th 8:00 EDT - Event, Rock

    Located in the historic Back Bay, the Berklee Performance Center (BPC) is at the core of Boston's entertainment and cultural community. Showcasing over 200 events each year, the BPC may just be the busiest theatre in Boston, and it is certainly the most unique. Owned and operated by Berklee College of Music, the BPC hosts concerts by talented students, faculty, and visiting artists, as well as a wide variety of productions presented by outside promoters, arts presenters, and community organizations. Events at the BPC span every musical genre and represent a broad range of countries and cultures, from traditional artists to contemporary innovators defining the future of music.