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  • Celestial Blue Music Live! @theEndoftheMonthShow

    Fri Nov 30th 8:00 EST - Rock, Folk

    Celestial Blue Music is the solo project of Kari J., a New Mexico native, desert rat, mountain goat, sea monkey, and Lorax of folkrock. Fans have compared her vocals to Iris Dement, Joni Mitchell, Karen Carpenter, Linda Rondstat, and Jewel. Her many and varied songwriting influences are best explored on CelestialBlueMusic.com in the mini-blog, or by following her curated playlists on Spotify. Kari combines piano, ukulele, and a percussive rhythm guitar style developed over decades with a range of vocals fans describe as “a vision of the natural world full of beauty and stories,” and “soulful love music from the eternal desert paradise of celestial dreams.” She sucks at describing her own music, and would love it if you came to the shows and shared your own ideas in the chat. Evolution, liberty, synergy with nature, and psychoacoustic positivity inspire and define the purpose of Celestial Blue Music with the intent of reminding us that we are all connected to everything — a part, not apart — and responsible for ourselves, the environment that surrounds and supports us and every creature who shares the planet. Patreon crowdfunding is a key component of the recording and production budget for hundreds of original compositions. If you would enjoy +/-weekly videos, sharing new song concepts and recordings, lyrics and downloads, join Celestial Blue Music on Patreon where you can follow along for free or choose to add a dollar a month to support these efforts. Thank you for being here, reading this bio, supporting this show, sharing this channel with a friend and helping build the Celestial Blue Music community. Oh, and one last thing: for reasons unexplained, Kari can't seem to ever play the same set list twice. It's a problem. So if you hear any favorites, don't be afraid to shout them out and request they be played again...someday.