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  • Steve & Erin Mae

    Wed Aug 8th 8:30 EDT - Folk, Blues

    "Smile-inducing, toe-tapping, thought-provoking folkgrass" is how reviewers describe award-winning instrumentalist and songwriter Steve Eulberg's music. He weaves together age-old songs and tunes with new melodies and contemporary lyrics accompanied by dulcimers and more. "I live for the aha! experiences that people have and am dedicated to helping people enjoy their musical explorations on dulcimers and share them with others," Eulberg says. Students respond enthusiastically to his engaging style and warm sense of humor, making him in demand at festivals across the USA. Award-winner in the national mountain dulcimer contest at Winfield, he is also a multiple finalist in the national hammered dulcimer contest. His music has been included in the Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer Compilations, Great Players of the Mountain Dulcimer, and has been featured on PBS' RoadTrip Nation, United Airlines Inflight Audio and NPR. Old School Old-Time, by his duo Fiddle Whamdiddle, was featured in the first Grammy Ballot of 2013 and continues to chart on the Roots Music Report. Eulberg owns Owl Mountain Music, Inc., publishes the Dulcimer-Friendly Worship series and the Dulcimer Orchestra Library. He is co-owner and teacher on www.dulcimercrossing.com.