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  • DiElle is a singer-songwriter hailing from the idyllic village setting of Wickham on the South Coast of England. A quiet town it may be but it is home to one of the most exciting new songwriters with a knack for hard hitting, brutally honest lyrics, an ear for soaring melody and a voice that could bring a tear to the eye of even the most stone hearted souls. DiElle had a strong interest in music from a young age, both her parents were musical, creative people and their family home was always brimming with excellent music. Her family had a very significant impact on her musical career whether that be her Dad thrusting a guitar into her hands at the age of 3, or the influence that the records in her parent’s collection still have on her. Despite very early signs of creativity, writing several stories and poems (including one tear jerking poetic rabbit eulogy) and signs of vocal talent from age 8, it wasn’t until her teens that DiElle began her venture into the realms of songwriting. Beautiful Monday, DiElle’s first acoustic album, has previously been described as ‘more than an album it’s a new best friend’ and with its personal yet relatable lyrics, Beautiful Monday really sounds like the person that knows you better than anyone else, thus providing the listener with a sense of comfort which seems to be lacking from so many of today’s artists. Echoes of Joni Mitchell’s Blue and Carole King’s Tapestry run throughout the album while the warm, homely sounds of acoustic guitar and piano provide a very organic backdrop to this otherworldly voice. DiElle is also no stranger to performance either and being described as ‘absolutely fascinating to watch’ certainly reinforces this. Shortly after releasing Beautiful Monday, DiElle went on a tour of the UK and Ireland in support of the album and raised £3000 for charity. In 2014 DiElle is has released her follow up to Beautiful Monday with a new album titled ‘Fearless’. It’s clear to see that DiElle expanded on her earlier work in the track ‘No One to Thank or Blame’ which has an entirely different sonic landscape with its spacious vocals and subtle yet driving bass part both of which adding haunting qualities to the sound and exemplifying DiElle’s diversity. This album has a much more mature sound and DiElle and is an album of much collaboration, having worked with colleagues from around the world including Pete Hartley whose beautiful strings can be heard on the title track and give the song a certain depth and beautiful clarity. It’s not all new however, as the heart felt, personal lyrics still remain, ‘Nearby’ being a song written in her teens after a personal tragedy occurred in DiElle’s life. With an excellent first acoustic album under her belt, the exciting, second album release ‘Fearless’ was launched in 2014 to a great response. Receiving much radio play across the world, DiElle’s popularity in the USA has increased, which has lead to a current collaboration with both tour and film companies. In 2015, with new London based producer, DiElle released singles ‘The Nesting Song’ and a new recording of ‘Shelter From The Storm’, first featured on Beautiful Monday. These tracks both received global radio play on the day of release, and have been popular in Australia, Europe the USA and of course the UK. 2015 also saw the release Currently, DiElle is enjoying overseas gigs and guest showcase spots and focusing on composing songs and music for an original film score. DiElle really should be on ‘one’s to watch’ lists everywhere. Get down to one of her astonishing live shows and stay tuned for news on her new releases, invites to the premier, and to keep up to date with this fresh, emerging songstress.

  • Ask Me Anything with Austin Biel

    Mon Jun 26th 2:30 EDT -

    Austin Biel is a contender for the Creative Renaissance. A worship artist, multi-instrumentalist, speaker/teacher, mentor, and record producer, based in the Austin, Texas area. In ministry and music since 1989, Austin has traveled the world. As a professional musician, he has also played with major jazz/pop artists. Pursuing the restoration of the Artistic Identity of the Church, and a school for worship and the arts has brought him and his family to the Austin area. The focus of Catharsis Worship School is to raise up creative and spiritual artists, trained to find their ultimate artistic expression in the Spirit, and host His Presence wherever they go. Currently, Austin is training people in person and online through one-on-one mentoring, teaching classes, hosting conferences, as well as traveling to speak/teach at various worship conferences, leading worship with his own band and host bands, and training worship teams. His passion is to ignite a renewal of creativity & arts within the Kingdom, finding our ultimate expression in the Spirit; to raise up an army of prophetic intercessory warrior artists in these end times.

  • Two guys from Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.

  • http://www.jontnet.com/crowdfund *Last chance to get your name in the booklet of Jont's new album as one of his key supporters ... Last few days of his crowd fund, please help him pay back his recording costs and head to the link above (if you're thinking of contributing, please click through to the crowdfund site as then Jont will get 100% of the money you contribute....) I started organising an underground, acoustic music night called UNLIT almost 20 years ago in London, England at a legendary now non-existent venue called The 12 Bar Club. It was small, grimy and when you stood on the stage your head was level with the people watching from the balcony. It got smokey, yeah people were allowed to smoke inside then, and it fitted about 100 people max and it got sweaty and intimate. In 2006 I took UNLIT into Myspace people's homes across America, just when Youtube had been "invented" (fancy that!) and as the little movies we made were seen by people round the world, UNLIT became a legendary travelling house party gig and I was the lucky person who organised it, presented it and often played songs at it. Many many wonderful artists played many beautiful songs, recited poetry, dis played sets to lift us up after we had all gathered at the centre of a house party, open and free to anyone, to share an hour or so of live performance together…..many friends would meet, many lovers would be introduced to each other….it was a glorious time, captured often by my friend Dave who filmed a bunch of episodes you can still see online - just google "jont unlit" or to see all of them easily, just go to my youtube channel. So - that was that and now the adventure has taken me brilliantly to Halifax, Nova Scotia. My daughter lives here. I am here to stay, as the song goes. It's an intriguing city, feels like a large town to those from the big smoke, and the land here in Nova Scotia has something about it, something testing and spiritual, something quietly magical about it. And I'm not sure whether it's because it's the biggest city in this part of the world (Eastern Canada) but a lot of the East Coast's musicians live here. So, over the next few months I'm going to be broadcasting from my living room, little shows, impromptu gatherings, featuring local musicians, and characters….it will be a combination of hanging out, irreverent spontaneous conversations and songs and whatever else we like, it's our show, whoever comes through the door and joins the party, joins the audience, I will seek to give it some sort of focus and also disappear now and then to my bedroom to give you guys back at home some songs of my own….I always feel a little shy playing my own songs in the same breath as introducing other performers, but I'm hoping perhaps to do that this time around better than I used to…..Enjoy the show, and find more music at my website www.jontnet.com.... Jont

  • Live From the Music Room

    Wed Jul 19th 8:00 EDT - Rock, Jazz

    'Female Performer of the Year' in the 2013 New England Music Awards, Sarah Blacker was also nominated in the 2014 New England Music Awards, for songwriter and song of the year. She was a 2013 Boston Music Award nominee for Singer/Songwriter of the year, and recently called “one of the brighter artists to grab our attention recently,” by national Roots publication, No Depression. She is a full-time singer/songwriter currently touring in support of her 3rd album, which receives regular airtime on local NPR station, WUMB. Her unique blend of soulful roots and pop is coined, "sundress rock," and her music has been called "timeless," "heartfelt," and she reminds listeners of Joni Mitchell, Ingrid Michaelson & even Laura Nyro.

  • Vance Gilbert

    Fri Sep 29th 7:30 EDT -

    The Minstrel is a concert series run by the Folk Project, a non-profit folk music and arts organization. We use the facilities of the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, 21 Normandy Heights Road, Morristown, NJ. We hold shows every Friday, year round, and the second Friday of the month is an open stage/audition night. The music we present is "folk" music in its broadest sense. That is, in addition to traditional American and ethnic "folk" music (in its purist definition), we welcome music of contemporary, primarily acoustic songwriters, and other types of music more folkie in attitude than in content. Shows start at 7:30 PM; dress is casual. We serve coffee, teas, and baked goods. There is no alcohol or tobacco on the premises. Admission is inexpensive; on our regular Friday concerts we ask $10.00 on your way in, plus the rest of what you thought the show was really worth on your way out. This additional amount goes to supplement what we pay the feature performer. All tickets are sold at the door. No advance sales or reservations are necessary.