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Wed Aug 15th, 7:30pm EDT Guitar Sessions: Wayne Krantz Berklee Performance Ce...
Wed Aug 15th, 7:30pm EDT Ernest Whaley Test Ernest Whaley
Wed Aug 15th, 7:30pm EDT Old Blind Dogs Scottish music & song writing Burren Backroom Series
Wed Aug 15th, 8:00pm EDT Evan Murphy & Danny Erker at Club Passim Dan Africk & Joe Kenneally open Club Passim
Wed Aug 15th, 8:00pm EDT SURPRISE Plus One with the phenomenal Shana Tucker from Durham, NC! (Ocrafolk Festival Fave) COYOTE -- Marcy Brenne...
Wed Aug 15th, 9:30pm EDT #ABontour live from PA Aubryn's Weekly Webcon...
Thu Aug 16th, 1:00am EDT UsamaM UsamaM
Thu Aug 16th, 7:30am EDT XavierMitjavilaMoix XavierMitjavilaMoix
Thu Aug 16th, 2:00pm EDT Dulcimer Q&A with Erin Mae Erin Mae Music
Thu Aug 16th, 7:30pm EDT Dennis Brennan Burren Backroom Series
Thu Aug 16th, 7:30pm EDT Guitar Sessions: Julien Kasper Berklee Performance Ce...
Fri Aug 17th, 7:00pm EDT Alec Hutson + Squidpig, Brian Chaffee & Sarah Clark Burren Backroom Series
Fri Aug 17th, 7:30pm EDT George Wurzbach, with opening act Circle Round the Sun Folk Project
Fri Aug 17th, 8:00pm EDT Martin Garrish & Friends "Playing Your Ocracoke Memories" COYOTE -- Marcy Brenne...
Fri Aug 17th, 8:00pm EDT Caffe Lena - Magic Dick & Shun Ng Caffe Lena
Fri Aug 17th, 8:00pm EDT Bill And The Belles The Down Home
Fri Aug 17th, 9:00pm EDT Tish Hinojosa w/ Band - The Bugle Boy
Sat Aug 18th, 10:30am EDT Songs of hope: with Brandon McCaskill Brandon McCaskill
Sat Aug 18th, 12:00pm EDT Listen to Melodic and Tasteful Instrumentals Shehzad Bhanji - Instr...
Sat Aug 18th, 2:00pm EDT danieljmorrow danieljmorrow
Sat Aug 18th, 4:00pm EDT Marian Call's Summertime Shindig Marian Call
Sat Aug 18th, 6:30pm EDT flyconic 2 Flyest of the fly flyconic
Sat Aug 18th, 7:00pm EDT The Social Number 11 Burren Backroom Series
Sat Aug 18th, 8:00pm EDT Caffe Lena - Eilen Jewell Caffe Lena