Sun Sep 23rd, 11:00pm EDT Randy Jackson of Zebra at Kulak's Woodshed on Laurel Canyon in North Hollywood, CA Kulak's Woodshed on La...
Mon Sep 24th, 7:00pm EDT Small World - Big Ears: Tribute to Luthier Peter Kyvelos feat. Mal Barsamian Club Passim
Mon Sep 24th, 7:00pm EDT Jim's Kitchen 'Scratchin the Rock'. Episode 22: "Caifornia Dream", Part Two. Jim Dawson
Mon Sep 24th, 8:00pm EDT King Margo King Margo
Mon Sep 24th, 8:00pm EDT The Award for Best TruePost
Mon Sep 24th, 9:00pm EDT Cigar & a Song Steve Everett
Mon Sep 24th, 9:00pm EDT SJTuckerMusic Harvest Moon Tunes SJTuckerMusic
Mon Sep 24th, 10:30pm EDT Live from a Mile High with Lemont Michael O'Connor
Tue Sep 25th, 1:00pm EDT Alex Duarte - Live covers Alex Duarte
Tue Sep 25th, 7:00pm EDT Sam Graham and Lizje Burren Backroom Series
Tue Sep 25th, 7:30pm EDT FINALE Tuesday Night Plus One Concert for 2018 - "well-crafted spontaneity " featuring special guest Kate McNally COYOTE -- Marcy Brenne...
Tue Sep 25th, 10:30pm EDT CHORO DAS TRES – Brazilian Choro Abbie Weisenbloom Pres...
Wed Sep 26th, 1:00pm EDT MichaelMick MichaelMick
Wed Sep 26th, 7:30pm EDT COYOTE -- Marcy & Lou "Just We Two" COYOTE -- Marcy Brenne...
Wed Sep 26th, 8:00pm EDT Liz Longley - feat. Kait Weston Liz Longley
Wed Sep 26th, 9:00pm EDT Andrew McKnight Early Autumn Vidcast Andrew McKnight
Wed Sep 26th, 10:00pm EDT Beta Play Beta Play
Thu Sep 27th, 1:30pm EDT Joe Filisko & Eric Noden Live from the South Side Joe Filisko & Eric Noden
Thu Sep 27th, 7:00pm EDT Caffe Lena - Beppe Gambetta Album Release Concert Caffe Lena
Thu Sep 27th, 7:00pm EDT Barbara Cassidy Band CD Release Show Burren Backroom Series
Thu Sep 27th, 8:00pm EDT LIVE at 7:30 CDT ~ Freedonia Blue Rock Studio
Thu Sep 27th, 10:30pm EDT 21st Century Bass Clarinet - GCU Faculty Recital Tim Haas
Fri Sep 28th, 11:30am EDT greenmp3 greenmp3
Fri Sep 28th, 7:00pm EDT Dixie District Fall 2018 Quartet Semifinals Dixie District