Fri Jul 20th, 2:00pm EDT Dave Kerr - Live @ Home DaveKerrMusic
Fri Jul 20th, 7:00pm EDT Kevin Gordon Burren Backroom Series
Fri Jul 20th, 7:30pm EDT Christine Lavin, with opening act Hugh O'Doherty Folk Project
Fri Jul 20th, 8:00pm EDT Martin Garrish & Friends "Playing Your Ocracoke Memories" COYOTE -- Marcy Brenne...
Fri Jul 20th, 9:00pm EDT Morgan Ashley & Briana Adams - thebugleboy.org The Bugle Boy
Fri Jul 20th, 9:00pm EDT Mikey Mason: Not Quite The Chosen One Mikey Mason
Fri Jul 20th, 10:00pm EDT Simon de Voil & Leaf Lovetree Simon de Voil
Sat Jul 21st, 1:00pm EDT Live from the Living Room Stuart Benbow
Sat Jul 21st, 3:00pm EDT Amelia Blake, live from the music room Amelia Blake
Sat Jul 21st, 3:00pm EDT Looka Here! on Summer Saturdays on Bywater Tracks Live From New Orleans Bywater Tracks Live Fr...
Sat Jul 21st, 7:00pm EDT Don White, Tom Bianchi Burren Backroom Series
Sat Jul 21st, 8:00pm EDT Caffe Lena - Bumper Jacksons Caffe Lena
Sat Jul 21st, 9:00pm EDT Warren Hood - thebugleboy.org The Bugle Boy
Sat Jul 21st, 9:00pm EDT The Deann Rene Band at Sessions On Mary Sessions On Mary
Sun Jul 22nd, 3:00pm EDT Caffe Lena - The Kingston Trio Caffe Lena
Sun Jul 22nd, 7:00pm EDT Caffe Lena - The Kingston Trio (second show) Caffe Lena
Sun Jul 22nd, 7:30pm EDT Andy Wood, Seth Rosenbloom Burren Backroom Series
Sun Jul 22nd, 8:00pm EDT Lindsay Lou Club Passim
Sun Jul 22nd, 8:30pm EDT Make Me A Song Summer Music Series - Week 4 - feat. Annie Fitzgerald Vicky Emerson
Mon Jul 23rd, 5:30pm EDT Clarinet - tips and tricks - free masterclass David Renaud
Mon Jul 23rd, 7:00pm EDT Caffe Lena - Chatham County Line Caffe Lena
Mon Jul 23rd, 10:00pm EDT Jay Nash - Live from Vermont - Summer 2018 Jay Nash
Tue Jul 24th, 7:00pm EDT Caffe Lena - Triple Play Caffe Lena
Tue Jul 24th, 8:00pm EDT COYOTE PLUS ONE "well-crafted spontaneity " featuring special guest Katy Mitchell COYOTE -- Marcy Brenne...