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  • Menni: Sounds like a fine encore.
  • TonGeneral: Oh wait a minute - it's poetry night! No, I take back my words. One poem would make my day even!
  • TonGeneral: (although I won't mind a song of course :o) )
  • Menni: Oh viewers, you might need to press play for it to start.
  • Menni: CW reinstated a bug from an ancient past
  • TonGeneral: AH, Play didnt work at first, now it foes.. Hope I haven't missed anything
  • chris-yonts: Refresh the page if it doesn't work
  • sarahjayne: She May
  • chris-yonts: worked for me.
  • TonGeneral: wonderful
  • chris-yonts: You are doing fine.
  • Menni: you're doing fabulous, lovin' this
  • TonGeneral: I can listen to this for hours! I say: audiobook!
  • TonGeneral: I can listen to this for hours. I say: audiobook
  • Menni: i say Coachella main stage!
  • TonGeneral: Does it happen that you write a poem, and you later decide it can be used for a song?
  • Menni: 2011, that's before CW even, was there a life before?!
  • chris-yonts: You are making me want to write poetry again. I am missing it.
  • Menni: same here Chris, inspiration has been missing here for like 100 years now
  • TonGeneral: no you don't need to
  • chris-yonts: I mean you could do like they do with slam poetry and be hyper aggro with your words
  • TonGeneral: it's great as you read it.
  • Menni: The part about signifying that it's over, that was part of the poem about death right?
  • TonGeneral: Again you confirm that great art comes from sad stuff
  • chris-yonts: I mean I'd love to see what hyper aggressive SJ looks like haha
  • chris-yonts: Ayyyy Its katie. What's up katie
  • chris-yonts: Do it slam!
  • chris-yonts: Did you plan the outfits being the same color or?
  • Menni: Giggling Insomniac, great band name
  • chris-yonts: Spill the tea sis
  • chris-yonts: hey Shea!
  • Menni: You are judged indeed, and through to the next round.
  • TonGeneral: I'd say: straight through to the finals
  • chris-yonts: Maybe since you are happier now you could write some happier poems?
  • chris-yonts: Pls
  • Menni: If they come naturally, sure, never force happy lyrics.
  • chris-yonts: its about you
  • Menni: never force sad lyrics either, btw
  • TonGeneral: Beautiful.
  • Menni: best for last
  • Menni: and yes, please bring Alex back
  • TonGeneral: A Song to look forward to hearing it again! Thanks for this very special show. If you feel like it, I certainly wouldn't mind hearing some more of your poems some day!
  • chris-yonts: Alex really is a great songwriter.
  • chris-yonts: You are lucky to have a friend like that.
  • chris-yonts: Enjoy the froyo
  • Menni: Thanks for this, loved it!
  • sarahjayne: Thanks everyone! 'Til next time.
  • christina9117y: hey dear, i'm Christina, please rate my private photos here -

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SarahJayne is a full-time musician and appreciator alike. Though her passion is in performing, her love is in the people and the stories they have to tell.


SarahJayne is a full-time musician and appreciator alike. Though her passion is in performing, her love is in the people and the stories they have to tell.


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