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  • Menni: Yep, and keep that Euro tour somewhere in the back of the mind :).
  • Menni: I'll be seeing my other #1 CW artist live here in Amsterdam next month. If she can do it... :)
  • Menni:
  • Menni:
  • Menni: lovely song!
  • Menni: HEY COREY
  • Menni: lol
  • Menni: that was a nice screenshot for the year review
  • Menni: I just got back from seeing Ariana Grande btw. This is less crowded, but much better.
  • Menni: Gotta say, this guy plays silly songs.
  • Menni: thirsty now
  • Menni: It's fun, but where IS EVERYONE?!
  • Menni: I mean, you have young fans and shit, who do social media?
  • Menni: Young friends then.
  • Menni: so good, so good
  • Menni: saving the best for last huh
  • sarahjayne: Hey guys! I just want to let you know how this is going to go tonight. Because we're about to leave for tour, some of our friends decided to throw us a tour kickoff party! I won't be able to read the responses on the screen, but I will try to catch up....
  • sarahjayne: afterward. Everything you will be viewing is a live, in-venue performance. The sound quality may not be as great as it typically is because I will be running sound through speakers and then into the mic from the computer. Thank you again for your support.
  • sarahjayne: Please send requests to my facebook page and I will do my best to keep checking throughout the show. The ones that have been requested prior to the show are already on the set list. We won't be playing but maybe an hour and a half.
  • Menni: Right now CW ain't working for both us Dutchies.
  • sarahjayne: NOOOOO.
  • Menni: Yes, they suck.
  • TonGeneral: I moved house to Amsterdam because at home I haven't been able to se your show the last couple of times, but it seems to be that taht's the case wherever I am.
  • Menni: Yeah, it's cozy here, and CW has real problems. If hardly anyone shows up, perhaps do something on FB instead/additional?
  • Menni: Gonna reboot pc+router here. Don't expect anything.
  • Menni: Piece of shit ass, i can only get it to work on 4G.
  • Menni: *not anymore. Must be the Russians.
  • Menni: Periscope on pc, working just fine.
  • TonGeneral: But, if everything fails again here, have a great show, and enjoy yourselves!
  • Menni: amen to that commie
  • sarahjayne: Okay. We'll broadcast on FB if we can.
  • sarahjayne: The Retrovales page.
  • sarahjayne: About to start.
  • Menni: You rock.
  • TonGeneral: You roll!!!
  • Menni: RayE, does it work for you?
  • Menni: (Volcano through 4G, every SJ show is different...)
  • RayE: Yes I am getting the stream, but it's a but fuzzy
  • RayE: Had to update flashplayer before CW would work
  • Menni: Did that twice yesterday, but had no effect.
  • Menni: And then it worked for a while. Weird stuff going on.
  • RayE: Yes I have had problems opening this and other shows during the past few months. I think it's the browser. I use Google Chrome, but Microsoft Edge works better.
  • RayE: SarahJayne... just a note that you have a great sound when performing with others, like tonight. You go girl !
  • RayE tipped $5!
  • Menni: Strange thing is, it only works on mobile here, and only using 4G.

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SarahJayne is a full-time musician and appreciator alike. Though her passion is in performing, her love is in the people and the stories they have to tell.


SarahJayne is a full-time musician and appreciator alike. Though her passion is in performing, her love is in the people and the stories they have to tell.


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