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  • Carlo Perez: Thaks
  • Hendrik: encore
  • Sember: haha, yes there is still misissing Korns song end xD
  • Mikeg1004: we need the end of korn ;P
  • Sandra: Thank you all so much! :)
  • Christopher Busby: Takk!
  • MrCraigar: Great concert
  • lanef: Loved it you did well!
  • Jaing_Skirata: Amazing :D
  • Christopher Busby: Excellent job!
  • Mikeg1004: encore :)
  • Sember: looking forward for a concert with your music :-)
  • donevgo: Loved it! Do it again soon!
  • MrCraigar: Numb was my favorite of course
  • WilliamGLC: <3 More often!
  • ReikenKayzer: Now I have to play guitar myself :D
  • Sandra: We actally did record everything! you get it for free :) since you were here
  • Myroslav Andreev: It was a miracle, wonderful songs, thank you)))
  • donevgo: Her version of Creep is just the best ever
  • donevgo: <3
  • Oliver P Villaescusa: I agree with Sember...a concert with your original songs with be great.
  • WilliamGLC: Oooh!! THANKS!!!! <3
  • GaryRaiche: Oh wow, you captured all this??
  • WilliamGLC: I agree +1 Oliver
  • Mikeg1004: yes we need a concert with your original music :)
  • donevgo: It's safe to say we all agree right...
  • donevgo: :)
  • Sandra: Sandra chatting now, thank you all so very much!!!! <3 And yes, you all get a copy of this concert! I'm so glad you want a concert with original songs, I will make it happen!!! :D Thank you all so much! <3
  • Mikeg1004: we all just need more sandra in out life
  • Sember: yup would love to hear supervillain or to lover her :-)
  • Christopher Busby: You're welcome Sandra! Just let us know when!:D
  • GrahamTheWriter: I'm excited at the prospect of a postcard from Brighton, I've always wanted to visit there! Someday..
  • WilliamGLC: I really want to have the homemade CD's and play it in repeat mode for hours!
  • Sandra: Haha, and I need all you in my life!!!!! <3 I will see you soon, good bye :) :) Have a good day/night <3
  • Christopher Busby: Bye!
  • WilliamGLC: By :)
  • Sember: have a good night Sandra and eveyrone!
  • Hendrik: bye, till next time
  • donevgo: Bye everyone
  • donevgo: untill next time
  • Mikeg1004: bye guys take care
  • Carlo Perez: Bye, bye see you soon
  • Sixor: Great! even that it is quite problem here trip with free wifi (video was slideshow but audiowas ok) and I was also late :D I hope something like this will be here again soon :) see you all (sorry if message is late, really hard with connection here :D)
  • MrCraigar: Great Concert!
  • kohli1987: Everything amazing again. Got every song i was waiting for. Especially "Wrong Side Of Heaven". I can't listen to the original anymore. Somehow Sandra's version got way better ;) Thank you! Til next time!
  • Khrno: Hi Sandra, it was a great live. A lot of thanks! I purchased the digital acoustic cover albums 1 and 2, so looking forward on receiving them so I can listen to your songs on my phone and not only on youtube anymore!
  • bought reward: "Signed handwritten lyrics & chords + signed poster!"

Past shows

  • Acoustic Online Cover Concert!

    This show was on Aug 13th, 2017 | 109 people watched
    10 Comments - See all
    • Aug 13
      It was awesome, we enjoyed it a lot, Sandra you are very talented, and we are very proud of you! Big hugs from Us Aniko & Anders
    • Aug 14
      The performance was truly wonderful. I enjoyed every second of it. I couldn't have asked for a better concert.
    • Aug 15
      A truly excellent performance! The song selection was perfect and the sound was top notch! Looking forward to your next show. Hope you can mix in some originals too :-)
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  • Sandra Szabo live with band!

    This show was on Sep 4th, 2016 | 72 people watched
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    • Sep 5
      Hi, I just saw a few minutes, because the WiFi conect was low. I love your videos especially " wrong side of Heaven " that's a song I play on Guitar too. Go on! Greatings Heiko from Germany.
    • Sep 5
      What was your favorite part of the performance? Two moments: SANDRA was left alone for a while because the others went to the toalet. She just played a song like it was on the schedule... Wait a sec. ... Maybe that was on the scedule. :) Anyway... I liked that. Then finaly they played my favorite song at the end. I thought they would never play it. So they did. I think is a strong song. Too bad that was the end of the show.
    • Aug 13
      Perfect show Sandra!!! =)
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