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  • Tubby Love & Amber Lily Fundraiser for Indigenous Village

    This show was on Oct 20th, 2017 | 36 people watched
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    • Oct 20
      EVERYTHING!!! Seriously. You two are the soundtrack to manifesting and creating and LETTING GO so much and embracing myself. Can't thank you enough for the Medicine. Mahalo for infinity! :) You make such a huge difference in my weaving and riding of the waves.
    • Oct 20
      I love that it's live and that we can send our love through messages in real time. What could be better is the audio quality. Surely there is another platform that would deliver better audio. I find any Skype call and most youtube videos have much better sound than this concert window connection. I don't think it's your equipment or internet connection but rather a limitation of concert window. Thank you so much Tubby and Amber!!! We love you!
    • Jan 31
      Hey! I know this is such a late response. But I just wanted to share that your concert was so beautiful. I love watching you two play together. It's so special, how you love each other. I got to share a moment of love with my mom because of your music as well. She got home while y'all were still playing and we got to dance to your music together, which is what I hoped would happen. So, thank you! For offering yourself to us <3 I also hope Amber's dad's bday was super fun! <3
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  • Tubby Love

    This show was on Jul 12th, 2017 | 36 people watched
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    • Jul 12
      Loved the intimate nature of it despite location and the ability to interact via chat and requests. Loved the off-the-cusp nature of it, including how it was shared with me 10mins before you went live. You two and your music has been such an inspiration and support. Keeping the vision alive of this New Earth we are co-creating. Thank You! <3
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Roots Family is a collective of Artist, Musicians, and Activists coming together to create the new world.


Roots Family is a collective of Artist, Musicians, and Activists coming together to create the new world.


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