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  • melissamight: Mikko! Do you want a download from me or Kelli?
  • lille-aeske-performance-series: Hey Mikko. I saw the comment you left about feeling like we were spamming you- I apologize and feel terrible. I get a lot of emails from people I supported once and I know it can get annoying.
  • lille-aeske-performance-series: I have been using a function of Concert Window that allows you to send emails to previous viewers, but it does this by show and it does not list the individual emails you are sending to. I will try to go through individual show dashboards and find..
  • lille-aeske-performance-series: the show that you watched/tipped for and find a way to make sure we don't send you another email. If you do get one, I apologize in advance- Thanks again for your (initial) support and forgive the limitations of our outreach tactics. Best Regards
  • traci430mc: hey dear, i'm Traci, please rate my private photos here - http://v.ht/k875675


Just a music lover, not an artist. :)


Just a music lover, not an artist. :)


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