Michael O'Connor

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  • Fall Back Festival: Michael O'Connor

    This show was on Oct 27th, 2016 | 43 people watched
    • Oct 27
      Michael is the best thing about this video. He is a genuine soul.
    • Oct 27
      I enjoy the stories you interject between songs;sharing some of the background about your songs. Oh, and always like to hear your voice!
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  • Jaimee Harris & Michael O'Connor Live from a Mile High

    This show was on Jul 18th, 2016 | 54 people watched
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    • Jul 18
      What was the name of that last song Jaimee did? Fucking beautiful! That was a real treat to have you guys in my Canada home:) I'll be flying back to Austin this friday for a week to pack up our little home but if you want to come by for a swim you are more than welcome! Might as well use it while we have it! Love to you and Denise and Honey:)
    • moc
      Jul 18
      its called "catch it now" its gonna be on the record. miss y'all love y'all-moc
    • Jul 20
      We were late connecting (confused MST and CST - duh), but Michael and Jaimee have great chemistry. We saw them together before at Bugle Boy, and the chemistry was there. The Concert Window was a lot of fun, and it was cool to see the relaxed atmosphere that accompanied the great songs and performances from them.
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"has the big four: tone, taste, groove and grit. he's cool."-Ray Wylie Hubbard


"has the big four: tone, taste, groove and grit. he's cool."-Ray Wylie Hubbard


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