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Past shows

  • Alaska Robotics Mini-Con Family Concert

    This show was on Apr 22nd, 2017 | 105 people watched
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  • Home For The New Year: Marian Call

    This show was on Jan 1st, 2017 | 237 people watched
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    • Jan 2
      Marian and Laura singing together was the nicest part of the show
    • Jan 2
      What was your favorite part of the performance?Dinosaurs! Nice to meet them. Also, I really enjoyed hearing the way songs sounded with mandolin.
    • Feb 1
      "Great, thanks for sharing this show.Really looking forward to listen more. Fantastic."
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SUPERFRIENDS CONCERT! You can find more about all the artists here:

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SUPERFRIENDS CONCERT! You can find more about all the artists here:

The Doubleclicks' target='_blank'>
Marian Call' target='_blank'>
Molly Lewis' target='_blank'>
Seth Boyer' target='_blank'>

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Bio: Marian Call is hard at work reinventing, or possibly preinventing, her musical self. She has been singing in public since she could walk, and she has performed music in nearly every genre – classical art song, gospel, pop, country, Broadway, rock, folk, jazz, and all varieties of choral music. She's currently hard at work writing, recording, and performing as hard as she can. She has lots of music, and you should buy it at or support her Patreon at!!!!' target='_blank'>!!!! Also, Marian talks too much, as you can see. Follow her on Twitter @mariancall.


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