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  • Martha_W: Sounding great!
  • Rene St.Aubin: Yes MLAG for sure. Been there every year for the last 7 years
  • Samantha: Sadly the system made me buy a second ticket just to watch what I had already paid for...
  • Cathy B: we can try to get that straighten out later
  • ehsmith: What autoharp are you playing?
  • Samantha: Does Cathy do beginner lessons in the format (or anyone else)?
  • ehsmith: I worked my way through her book as a beginner and it is excellent!
  • Cathy B: I don't know of anyone doing beginners on concert window but if there are enough requests it could be worked out.
  • Cathy B: The book is the best place to start.
  • Samantha: Thanks!
  • Samantha: It's so beautiful!!!
  • Audio is clipping with this 'harp.
  • Samantha: Anyone care to let me know what is the best beginner autoharp?
  • mbandfield: "listen to people that are making cool music" I am going to start (continue) living like that!
  • Cathy B: stick with a properly set up 21 bar chromatic to begin
  • Cathy B: Samantha, if you get a double charge on your credit card, contest it with your credit card company and they will take care of it.
  • Samantha: Thanks, but if 70% goes to the teacher, I am fine with that, just thought you would want to know
  • Cathy B: I appreciate that but you should contest it.
  • lyndieloo: sound lost at 7.15GMT
  • Cathy B: reboot
  • Samantha: Seattle Autoharp Week link is still not working on the Cathy B site.
  • Cathy B: You may have to reboot your computer
  • Samantha: FYI: It works in a different browser
  • lyndieloo: refreshed and back on
  • Cathy B: thanks
  • fiddlinchuck: Please repeat questions for the benefit of those listening onlineit is difficult to hear them otherwise
  • depesto: Do you ever use color chords on fiddle tunes?
  • Samantha: Please do more of these!!!!
  • Sweetbminor: Yes, please!
  • Sweetbminor: ,
  • depesto: do you ever level your fine tuners?
  • Thank you! Beautiful playing and very helpful.
  • Sweetbminor: I’m gonna miss these saturdays....
  • Cathy B: Thanks for joining us.
  • luvbyte45: great presentation. was there a handout I didn't see it in the concert window.
  • luvbyte45 tipped $5!
  • mbandfield: I am on Pete's mailing list so I want to hear about any upcoming classes. Really enjoyed it!
  • GaryS: Only broke up once, but got most all of your workshop. Love those chords. Now off to my pile of felt! Thank you so much!
  • Sweetbminor: All the way from Italy, today was fantastic and the sound was great! Thank you Cathy and than you Pete for making this happen❤️
  • Sweetbminor tipped $5!
  • lyndieloo: Great way to spend an hour or so on a Saturday night. Thankyou so much Cathy and Pete and the team working behind you.
  • lyndieloo tipped $5!
  • eagleswings: It was a privilege to tune into this workshop from England, very interesting and inspiring, thank you.
  • stephanie996pc: hi dear, i'm Stephanie, please rate my private photos here - (registration required)

Past shows

  • "Color chords" - what are they and what are some ways to use them?

    This show was on Feb 16th, 2019 | 52 people watched
    10 Comments - See all
    • Feb 16
      I have only a chromatic autoharp at this point so I can not put any of the chording into practice right now, but I still got some good performance tips (open mic VS using a pick-up, use of a direct box), some artists to check out on Youtube, and your reminder "listen to all kinds of cool music and cool musicians." Thanks cool lady!
    • Feb 17
      I learned a lot and really enjoyed listening to Cathy's music and stories. Made me rethink my playing. I appreciated hearing about her background and training and how it influences her playing. Looking forward to another workshop with her.
    • Feb 17
      The background about chord choices and positioning has really helped me to focus on which new chords to cut and where to put them. Now hankering after a single key diatonic! The tune choices were varied and illuminating. Thank you Cathy.
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  • Leave ho-hum strumming behind with interesting rhythm techniques

    This show was on Feb 2nd, 2019 | 45 people watched
    6 Comments - See all
    • Feb 2
      Great presentation the sound and video were great. You could see and hear everything at all times. I'll be back in two weeks.
    • Feb 2
      thanks for the class!! This is the first time I have taken an autoharp lesson, much less a lesson on line so it was a learning experience for me but very successful. It felt good just to "interact" with others who know about and enjoy the 'harp and that genre of music. Interesting too to see the inside of Pete's shop..he refurbished my autoharp about a year ago. Thanks again! I will be staying in touch. Miriam
    • Feb 2
      Hi Cathy, There was some choppiness in the video feed especially in the beginning so I missed about half of your presentation. But that mostly cleared up after about 40 minutes or so and I did enjoy the rest of it. Rhythm strumming isn't my strong suit and this was helpful. You don't need to return any money, I think I got my money's worth. The handout alone is worth having. I'm hoping this problem doesn't come up in your next one. I'll be watching to find out. Bryan Davis =bd=
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Cathy plays the autoharp, bass, clarinet, pennywhistle, and whatever else she can get her hands on. She was the 2005 International Autoharp Champion, is a favorite teacher, book author, writes a few songs and tunes, and has big fun playing and singing with and for her friends.


Cathy plays the autoharp, bass, clarinet, pennywhistle, and whatever else she can get her hands on. She was the 2005 International Autoharp Champion, is a favorite teacher, book author, writes a few songs and tunes, and has big fun playing and singing with and for her friends.


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