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  • KyleHancharick: The music begins at 7pm.
  • KyleHancharick: We'll be starting soon. I just have some sound difficulties. As soon as I figure out what's wrong, I'll begin.
  • guitaruno bought reward: "and MP3 of a song from the new album, "Before And After""
  • Diane: My favorite! Loved it 😊
  • michaelgsmith: Hello from Hollister, CA
  • Kathy: His concerts were the best! I love John Denver and all his music! Thank you Kyle!
  • Kathy: Do you know “It Amazes Me” or “ Come and let me look in your eyes” this is Kathy Kobylarz
  • Linda: You didnt dance alone to this song ...😘
  • Kathy: I’m singing along with you!
  • Diane: Love love love this song
  • Kathy: Do you know Pegasus?
  • Diane: Play Diamond please?
  • Diane: Fantastic! Thank you Kyle
  • Kathy: Thank you Kyle!!!
  • Diane: Oh my god, the best song EVER!!!!
  • Kathy: ThAt is a great song!
  • Linda: Kyle is at Torne valley vineyard Saturday 1-5! Come on out!
  • Diane: See you on Saturday!
  • Paigesessa tipped $2!
  • Diane bought reward: "a digital copy of "Before And After"
  • KyleHancharick: WELCOME!!! Music begins at 7pm
  • KyleHancharick: Background music by The Levins.
  • Linda: Sounds good from here!
  • Diane: Sounds great from here!
  • Diane: Hi Linda 😊
  • Linda: HI Diane! Good to hear from you!
  • Diane: Love this song!
  • Linda: From Kat - I love chasing her dream!
  • Diane: Are you kidding? This is AWESOME! You deserve all great things and wonderful opportunities. Congrats on NERFA success my friend
  • Joe: Sounds great Kyle. See you tomorrow.
  • Linda: They are great people!
  • Diane: Ooooooh Diamond! Sounds better and better every time
  • Linda: That my friend is how you say goodbye!
  • Diane: You’re killing me...
  • Joe: Great close.
  • Linda: Bravo!
  • Diane: Thanks for the music Kyle, see you on the 28th. Happy Thanksgiving Linda and Kyle!
  • KyleHancharick: Thanks for joining. Next live stream is Dec. 7th at 7pm ET.
  • KyleHancharick:
  • Linda: Happy Thanksgiving!
  • KyleHancharick: WELCOME!!!
  • KyleHancharick: Music begins at 7:00.

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