Kasey Anderson

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  • Nowhere Nights Live

    This show was on Oct 22nd, 2017 | 8 people watched
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    • Oct 22
      Enjoyed the set , from one of your best cd's.
    • Oct 22
      It was just really cool to see him "live" for the first time!
    • Oct 22
      Hello - I thought the broadcast was very good. The songs were really good. I appreciate Kasey playing bloodlines for my request. I thought it went well. I would like a little more interaction with the "crowd". Talk about what concerts are coming up and such only because I have just discovered Kaseys music but I do understand the time restraints. All and all it went great. Cannot wait for another one from him. Thanks.
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  • Kasey Anderson Live from (His Apartment In) Portland

    This show was on Jul 30th, 2017 | 14 people watched
    • Jul 30
      It was an incredible performance by an artist whose work needs to be heard .
    • Oct 17
      I just bought a ticket can't wait to see you. I could not make your LA show but this will be just as good. Thanks for everything.
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Songwriter | Portland, OR


Songwriter | Portland, OR


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