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  • eddsurf: I would def stayed tuned in to that
  • eddsurf: I'd say this was an overall huge success despite the late start on the feed. Thanks Heartwood!
  • richie-denmark: Gives more encouragement opportunity for tips in the future, plug a next show for the artist, push online merch sales, etc.
  • eflagg: Also, some lighting on the crowd, not much, just enough so it doesn't look like they're singing into a black void. Front angle looks fine because you can see outlines of people but the side shots could splash a little light
  • richie-denmark: Thanks Heartwood crew for your hard work in making this so awesome!!!!
  • eddsurf: Yeah, and some actual crowd shots would be good too
  • connie-croteau-brashear: That was great, thanks you guys!
  • eflagg: Richie, live interview is best idea you've had
  • eflagg: that's awesome
  • richie-denmark: Crowd faces cam is important
  • richie-denmark: I have all the best ideas
  • richie-denmark: everyone says so
  • eflagg: They love you
  • eflagg: I have one decent idea out of 10 banal ones
  • richie-denmark: Hahaha, I have that problem somtimes where I start spitting out idaes without vetting them in my head first, lolz
  • eflagg: That was an incredible show, sound was great
  • eflagg: feed was a little stuttery, is that my connection or the studio?
  • richie-denmark: I'm in a hotel in Philly and it never studdered
  • mockinet: How about that Jon Alexander on the Pedal Steel! Whoohoo!
  • richie-denmark: Only saw delay once during the encore
  • eddsurf: Mine was stuttery as well... the refresh square kept popping up very briefly in the middle of the screen
  • eflagg: so you're saying Philly has better internet than Gainesville?
  • richie-denmark: HAHAHAHA, The amazon jungle has better internet than GNV
  • eddsurf: True story
  • richie-denmark: Just be glad you don't live in High Springs
  • eddsurf: lol
  • mockinet: Was very good sound. Would also like to have seen the live crowd during breaks rather than still shot of Ricky. We could hear the studio crowd noise anyway as it was.
  • eddsurf: Had a great time. Thanks guys. Catch you next time!
  • richie-denmark: I like the idea of keeping the audience up. Late joiners know the video feed is working and you get to be apart of the crowd anticipation.
  • eflagg: Or maybe childhood photos of Ricky as he grows up? or is that weird Richie?
  • richie-denmark: Dave I hope our chat feedback was informative as well as entertaining!!
  • richie-denmark: I see what you mean now Eric
  • richie-denmark: ;)
  • eflagg: Yeah, dang.
  • richie-denmark: hahahahaha
  • richie-denmark: Maybe photos of every guitar he's owned
  • eflagg: This would be a little bit of a pain, but if there were 5-10 minutes of just unedited interview with the band somewhere on the break, that could be fun, not the whole break but it could even play on a screen at the show too...it plays right before the ban
  • richie-denmark: i could support a commercial break idea. For upcoming shows, for local small businesses, community events, etc.
  • eflagg: band comes back on
  • eflagg: you'd have to record before the show though
  • richie-denmark: I like the pre-recorded interview idea too.
  • eflagg: Dang Richie you do have all the good ideas. I'm going to bed before I say something weird again
  • richie-denmark: Might be a good upsell to artists for HW
  • eflagg: See y'all, that was fun! Almost felt like I went out to the show with you guys
  • richie-denmark: Same, except I hate show talkers, hahahaha
  • richie-denmark: what have we become
  • richie-denmark: POST JAM!!!!!!!!!
  • richie-denmark: Is that on stage or just house music?
  • richie-denmark: house music it counds like
  • richie-denmark: Peace out, also going to bed. Night gang!!

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  • Ricky Kendall and the Healers

    This show was on Mar 24th, 2017 | 36 people watched
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      What was your favorite part of the performance?i couldn't I couldn't
    • 3d
      Ricky Kendall and his band are lovely talented people and the venue looks amazing! Wish I could have been there in person but this was the next best thing.
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  • Dave

    This show was on Feb 12th, 2015 | 1 person watched
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