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  • Anne: No use.... bummer.
  • Bruce19991: Anne-hit refresh. it should work.
  • : Looks great, but my sound isn't. Good enough to get the idea of Joni's music, though. Streaming on a MacBook Pro....
  • dave-melosh: If the stream freezes, try refreshing your browser first. That will often resolve the problem
  • dave-melosh: can you describe the sound issue?
  • : Hmmm....distortion, I don't know what else to call it, but it's like an old cheap radio or something. Yet I know from David Beede you're using really good equipment, so must be my internal speakers? Don't have externals for this laptop.
  • dave-melosh: I will look for a distortion issue, sounds like you might be talking about clipping
  • dave-melosh: I eased off of the gain a little, that might help out
  • : Could be, I'm a technophobe, sorry! It doesn't occur during speaking, just the music.
  • dave-melosh: ok, that helps for troubleshooting, thank you
  • dave-melosh: let me know how this song sounds once they get into it a bit
  • : hey, that's better! Thanks!
  • : Tell Dave B. that Molly in Albuquerque says hi....
  • dave-melosh: good. We had it turned up on this end too much probably, there were previously some issues with people being able to hear it loud enough. Thanks for helping out there
  • dave-melosh: I'll pass it along from Molly :)
  • Bruce19991: Encore ! Great show ! I applaud The Joni's & the fellas; and I applaud Heartwood for all the work & effort u guys put in. I'm so excited to have Heartwood in Gainesville.
  • : Missed the first half, but enjoyed the rest! Great show!
  • Jeanie Fitchen: FABULOUS! Thank you all!
  • dave-melosh: Thank you so much, we'll see you next time! Gainesville rocks :)
  • Grant Walker: Yay! That was fun
  • Grant Walker: Thanks Dave
  • dave-melosh: Thank YOU Grant. We love doing this, glad you enjoyed the show
  • patricia wolfcale tipped $2!
  • dave-melosh: We'll be right back with the Christmas Songs portion of the show
  • dave-melosh: short intermission
  • dave-melosh: We're back with the second half of the show
  • dave-melosh: thanks for watching, see you next time
  • middleground: Can't find the live stream of Dar Williams
  • tipped $10!
  • Wes Wheeler: Looking forward to the show tonight!
  • connie-croteau-brashear tipped $2!

Past shows

  • Pierce Pettis Christmas Concert @ Heartwood Soundstage

    This show was on Dec 1st, 2017 | 18 people watched
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  • [Free] Both Sides Now: The Concert Tribute to Joni Mitchell

    This show was on Nov 18th, 2017 | 37 people watched
    1 Comment
    • Nov 19
      it was a beautiful concert! My whole family watched it together and we were surprised to discover that my adult daughter had never heard many of the songs played! It will be my mission to introduce her to one of my old albums. Also loved learning the stories Cathy told about some of the songs especially the Woodstock song!!
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Heartwood Soundstage is a live music venue and recording studio in Gainesville, Florida.


Heartwood Soundstage is a live music venue and recording studio in Gainesville, Florida.


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