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  • Wes Wheeler: thanks for the tip!
  • Wes Wheeler: kind of a pain in the ass, but it works!
  • cindy-yates: you mean you connected your pc to a monitor or are running it from a smart tv with the internet
  • Carolyn: hey cindy. we connected computer and HDMI cable to a TV
  • Carolyn: clap clap! love this song Matthew
  • Wes Wheeler: Thanks Carolyn for the great idea!
  • Carolyn: Your welcome! Thanks to Dave for giving us a chance to see the show
  • rcasey tipped $2!
  • coreydimario: Looks and sounds great for us here in Concert Window HQ!
  • rcasey tipped $2!
  • michaelgsmith: I can't hear very well. Sound is muted compared to other artists channels
  • Scott: same here... volume cranked to max with powered speakers and it's just normal volume
  • rcasey tipped $2!
  • Wes Wheeler tipped $10!
  • Carolyn: we turned volume up to 100% on our PC, then hooked up to TV w/HDMI. Great experience
  • cindy-yates: 7000 cables in this house, and of course I can't find an hdmi - trying a Bluetooth speaker - tiny bit of volume gained
  • Carolyn: ugh, that's frustrating
  • rcasey tipped $2!
  • dave-melosh: Thank you rcasey! And that's great to hear Carolyn, we have it turned up loud and proud on the patio here too :)
  • cindy-yates: weird because when the currys did their weekly show, I had no trouble with this same device
  • cindy-yates: galen's and tommy's mike sound louder than jimmy's
  • Wes Wheeler: is there volume being streamed?
  • Wes Wheeler: we can see the logo, no sound or other video
  • Wes Wheeler: ok, got it now, my mistake
  • coreydimario: Hi Folks. Corey from Concert Window here. Many browsers have started to disable Flash by default now so you may need to go into the settings and ok it for Concert Window. It's an extra step, which is a pain, but for the time being it is necessary.
  • cindy-yates: love this song. what is it?
  • Scott: I've lost the feed... fun song
  • Scott: refreshed page and it is back
  • Wes Wheeler tipped $10!
  • Scott tipped $2!
  • cindy-yates tipped $5!
  • jackiejayhawk tipped $20!
  • cindy-yates: thank you
  • Mark: Great show. Thanks!
  • Mark tipped $20!
  • dave-melosh: Thank you all! We will be replaying the show for a while if you want to see one of the songs again
  • dave-melosh: Thanks for popping in to check on things corydemario
  • dave-melosh: We are also addressing the low volume issue, thanks for letting us know about it
  • dave-melosh: Shutting it down for the night, thanks again everyone and we'll be back with louder audio next time :)
  • jreid tipped $2!

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Heartwood Soundstage is a live music venue and recording studio in Gainesville, Florida.


Heartwood Soundstage is a live music venue and recording studio in Gainesville, Florida.


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