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  • dave-melosh: Thanks again for tuning in, we're replaying in the video lounge here at Heartwood but stopping the live stream. Good night everyone :)
  • Anne: Sorry I missed it, but it was right in the middle of a busy morning when I was,out ...
  • RoosterClaytor: So sad I had to miss this show in person but am PUMPED I still get to watch! Y'all are the best at Heartwood!
  • RoosterClaytor: Shoutout to my Orlando peeps trying to live the Gainesville life on here tonight...
  • Wes Wheeler: testing, 1, 2, 2, testing
  • dave-melosh: loud and clear Wes, stby.
  • dave-melosh: almost ready :)
  • dave-melosh: We're all set now, show should start in about five minutes. Thanks for hanging out for a minute while we wrapped up preparations
  • Wes Wheeler: getting audio, with still photo background
  • Wes Wheeler: okee dokee
  • dave-melosh: We'll take a short intermission and be right back with the second half. Stay tuned
  • RoosterClaytor: LOVING THIS
  • RoosterClaytor: Great work Dave!
  • eric : is the image event on screen because it's inermission?
  • RoosterClaytor: yeah but its ghosted so I can still faintly see the stage
  • eric : yeah, exactly
  • eric : so does it go away when the show comes back?
  • RoosterClaytor: Yeah it did when it started. Same look as now but went away when it began
  • eric : coooool
  • eric : Is that Andrew Claytor?
  • RoosterClaytor: HAHAHA Get out of the screen Merrill!
  • RoosterClaytor: Its David but Andrew is over... He was there last night in person though, lucky devil
  • eric : Yeah, that's our bit. It's Atria, I always call Andrew Davis because he always calls me Travis
  • eric : *David
  • eric : I still owe you that book! How's the babies?
  • RoosterClaytor: SO good. I guess the only acceptable reason to miss a High Nooner's show... New baby girl Eloise is a champ
  • eric : wow! How old now?
  • RoosterClaytor: Millie is almost 3 and Eloise is almost 3... WEEKS
  • eric : oh my
  • eric : oh my oh my
  • eric : last night's intermission was like 60 minutes long
  • dave-melosh: starting now
  • dave-melosh: we're nacl
  • dave-melosh: *back, excuse the typo
  • Wes Wheeler tipped $10!
  • dave-melosh: Thanks Wes!
  • Wes Wheeler: great job Dave and company, enjoying the show tonight and the feed is coming across well!
  • dave-melosh: great to hear, thanks for always supporting!
  • dave-melosh: Thanks all for tuning in, see you next time. Follow Heartwood Soundstage here on Concert Window and on Facebook to keep up with what we've got going on. Good night!
  • RoosterClaytor: So good y'all! Thanks a million!
  • dave-melosh: Thanks Bob & Rod, thanks Rooster!
  • RoosterClaytor tipped $10!
  • Evanmgarfield tipped $2!
  • Wes Wheeler: are we good to go for deja vu?
  • Wes Wheeler: tweet

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Heartwood Soundstage is a live music venue and recording studio in Gainesville, Florida.


Heartwood Soundstage is a live music venue and recording studio in Gainesville, Florida.


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