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  • Sandy Eborn : This goes by way too fast
  • Thank you so much for the music & good cheer. It was awesome! 🎄💚
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  • efoxvog: Best wishes to everyone for a wonderful holiday season. May you all spend them with people you care about and if not that, have whatever fun is special to you.
  • Sandy Eborn : Girl I promise to be quiet next time
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  • Lisa & Gary Lisandrelli: This was absolutely fantastic...Like putting a star on the top of the Christmas tree!
  • efoxvog: Sandy, that will be the day! :-p
  • Now I'm REALLY in the spirit!
  • B. Muck-E-Muck: love this!!
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  • BetsyB: The world is rockin' with joy!
  • Sandy Eborn : Lol you know me so well
  • efoxvog: For the holidays this is right up there with seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra!
  • efoxvog: Just without the lasers.
  • DrK: ❤️
  • gypsy-soul: Everyone have a very happy and safe holiday and New Year... Love and Light to you all..Alicia : )
  • 1eetamtz: So much fun tonight!
  • efoxvog: Thanks Alicia!
  • B. Muck-E-Muck: EPIC!!!!
  • BetsyB: Alicia, we appreciate YOU so much!
  • Welovelife: Aw, that was amazing!!! XO
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  • 1eetamtz: Happy Holidays! and have a wonderful New Year!!!
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  • efoxvog: ?House concert in Forest Fall
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  • BetsyB: Drive home safely everyone! :-)
  • Amazing as always....thank you thank you. come to Cincy, please!
  • efoxvog: Oh man, I hate it when they cut off like that. Bye all!
  • Teresa: Merry Christmas and an Abundant New Year!!!!
  • Sandy Eborn : See you all next time
  • Sheriedix: want you guys to do song :where have all the time gone / by Eva Cassidy
  • Kimikay: well rats i don't know what went wrong but nothing ever started for me. . i know you were wonderful
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  • efoxvog: Sorry to hear that Kimikay. We'll watch for you on the next one. At least I'm assuming there will be more.
  • efoxvog: Night all, happy holidays!
  • terry-quade: Thanks so much for the wonderful concert!!! xo
  • DrK: Happy Holidays to all!
  • moosegirl: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to one & all Thanks for a great show..
  • moosegirl: Oh Kodi & Moose were watching in the cozy couch area - you know that one well. lol
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Past shows

  • Home For The Holidays: At Home With Gypsy Soul

    This show was on Dec 20th, 2016 | 67 people watched
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    • Dec 20
      Love and hugs!
    • Dec 21
      Loved the Music of course--but, the convenience of being able to hear such Gorgeous Art from my happy! Thank you!
    • Dec 27
      Thank you so much to all of whom joined in to our December concert and left us a comment. We so appreciate you joining in and we're thrilled to get to spend some time 'together' for the holidays.
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  • Gypsy Soul: Roman's Birthday Concert

    This show was on Sep 17th, 2016 | 50 people watched
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    • Sep 17
      Their beautiful souls in their music. These are amazing people inside and out. Their music soothes my soul. Xo
    • Sep 18
      What was your favorite part of the performance? Gypsy Soul is an amazing soulful duo that shares their musical gift with love! Fantastic show tonight!
    • Dec 20
      Wow just saw that all our comments from your past show's are still here ;) Looking forward to tonight 12/21/16 :)
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Authentic Is The Word Most Often Used To Describe The Music and Fan-Funded Career Of Gypsy Soul.

Gypsy Soul are a duo with an intimacy that comes through clearly, attracting listeners with their unique blend of roots rock -meets- acoustic soul and a DIY back story every bit as compelling. It’s “music to set your heart free."

You’ve heard of crowd funding a CD… but what about... more

Authentic Is The Word Most Often Used To Describe The Music and Fan-Funded Career Of Gypsy Soul.

Gypsy Soul are a duo with an intimacy that comes through clearly, attracting listeners with their unique blend of roots rock -meets- acoustic soul and a DIY back story every bit as compelling. It’s “music to set your heart free."

You’ve heard of crowd funding a CD… but what about an entire career? Gypsy Soul have cultivated and nurtured an audience of life-long fans; not simply via their musical excellence, but because of their dedication to all aspects of their craft. Their humble story as immigrants combined with their unwavering passion, work ethic and approachability, have garnered Gypsy Soul’s, Cilette Swann and Roman Morykit a permanent place in the hearts of their fans. The exchange that’s come from these relationships has inspired their loyal supporters to donate over $81,000 for different CD projects. In fact, the duo's entire 19-year, professional music career has been mostly funded (save a few licensing deals and number of TV/film uses) by the continued patronage of fans to over one thousand of their live shows.

Perhaps their music is best described as, “Gypsy Soul is gourmet music for music lovers,” shared on the air at K-LOS Radio in Los Angeles, California.

Like its creators, the music of Gypsy Soul is much like fine fusion cuisine…..Italian, Irish, South African and Ukrainian to be precise. And, as with any work of art, their music is born from heartache and struggle, love and determination brewing with many textures, nuance and flavors. Their message is both universal and intimate - familiar yet otherworldly.

Their roots, blues and soul sound is a true culmination of the very best of both Cilette and Roman's tastes, experiences and cultures. Morykit, Gypsy Soul’s producer shares that he feels True is their most unique CD to date as it is a combination of both a live and studio record. "We like to call it a “performance” record as we limited ourselves to one or two takes to keep the performances fresh for our listeners,” states Morykit.

British-born Morykit, is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer whose musical roots dig back to his childhood training in classical piano and guitar. In the early 90s, after several years in London as a highly sought-after studio musician, and as the bassist for emerging band Raising Cain that was released from its recording contract with A&M Records, Roman relocated to Edinburgh, Scotland to pursue new musical opportunities.

There he met Canadian-born singer/lyricist, Swann, who had also recently relocated to Edinburgh after spending time in Paris, singing in French jazz bands. The two began writing and recording together and quickly fell in love. Love lead to marriage, marriage lead to relocating to Hollywood, and while in Hollywood, Gypsy Soul was born.

GYPSY SOUL'S own GENRE: Roots Rock, Blues and Acoustic Soul

Enticing but never predictable, Gypsy Soul mixes every influence they love into their compositions, creating the familiar sound that is exclusively Gypsy Soul –Roots Rock, Pop, Blues & Soul. Over the years the duo has produced 13 CDs. Each a collection of exquisitely composed songs reflecting their lives at that particular moment in history, and each a journey evolved from and moving beyond those that came before.

Gypsy Soul have had a Top 40 hit at Adult Contemporary radio with “Silent Tears,” and have had a number of other songs in the Top 5 on many other radio charts. Throughout their professional recording and touring career, they've won numerous independent music awards along the way, including the Independent Music Awards, International Acoustic Music Awards, Just Plain Folks and honors at Lilith Fair. The duo has sold over 140,000 CDs independently and had over 1.6 million downloads and plays of their songs on various online platforms.

You may have heard their music on TV shows: Providence, Roswell, Felicity and 90210. Or, you may remember their songs from the motion picture films, Quick Sand (Michael Caine) and After Sex (Brooke Shields,) but nothing compares to experiencing Gypsy Soul's virtuosity, humor and story-telling like one of their live performances.

You can experience these consummate professionals on tour during one of their many sold-out concerts from Triple Door in Seattle to the Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale, Arizona. To truly appreciate Gypsy Soul’s passionate and commanding performances, they are best enjoyed in an intimate setting with impeccable acoustics in 200 to 2000 seat theaters.

TRUE is to be officially released on Earthday, April 22, 2016. You can go to for free downloads and more.

MEDIA QUOTES: (read more press HERE)

"Cilette Swann's voice is haunting and Roman Morykit's musicianship is superb. Their music stirs the soul and moves the spirit." - Monica Rizzo, PEOPLE Magazine

"Arrangements and instrumentation, guided with the insights of Swann’s intuitive and talented partner, composer/multi-instrumentalist Roman Morykit, are beautifully understated and impeccably complementary, allowing the vocals to hold their much deserved place in the spotlight." ..."The twosome weaves touching sounds, reflecting pop, jazz, blues and Americana flavors." - Paul Freeman, POP CULTURE CLASSICS

"Four stars." "...Catchy, folk-based pop/rock songs with inventive arrangements suggested what a second Buckingham Nicks LP might have sounded like if Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks had not joined Fleetwood Mac.” - ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"Sensuous is the word when it comes to the dramatic soundscapes that emerge at the convergence of Cilette Swann's lush vocals and Roman Morykit's textured bass and guitar arrangements." - GOOD TIMES WEEKLY

"A gorgeous mix of rich female folk, pop, jazz with touches of bluegrass. This is highly enriched folk that nourishes the dried up gardens of the soul." - CD BABY

"Morykit is the mastermind here, building a lush musical landscape around his tasteful fretless lines, over which Cilette’s angelic soprano soars.” - BASS PLAYER


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