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  • Arnied: I loved this
  • emeraldcello87: I love this! Do it again!!
  • Kirsten: LOVE THIS!!!
  • Cate22: Yes please!
  • terridelaney: Wherever You Are!
  • rehteah: Best in person, but love this as an option.
  • emeraldcello87: I like seeing you in this intimate setting and just being yourself.
  • Kirsten: Yes, thanks tons Terri :)
  • terridelaney: Oh gosh. It's my honor.
  • paulawalker: Love the concerts! Keep them coming! Thank you. Sending love to all.
  • emeraldcello87: Thank you so much, Terri!!
  • Arnied: goosebumps
  • victor-johnson: Thank you for the music.
  • Christine: I loved this--the informality makes us feel so close to you, Ellis. Thank you, Terri, for a fabulicious production.
  • Arnied: let me warm your heart
  • rehteah: How do you do the sing along now?
  • Arnied: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Christine: Singing with you!
  • Arnied: so am I
  • Kirsten: Me too!
  • Arnied: looking into your eyes and loving this
  • Kirsten: Thank you for touching my heart <3
  • TyM: Thank you, Ellis and Terri!
  • Susan & Rich: Thanks to both of you!
  • CarolynA: wow! great music. thanks.
  • azar: Thank you so much! That was wonderful.
  • Cate22: That was really wonderful. Thank you Ellis.
  • Arnied: so incredible
  • jhollida: Thanks again for making this a special Sunday afternoon
  • Arnied: so intimate
  • rehteah: Fantastic, as always!
  • Arnied: so moving
  • Bwheelock: Thank you! Beautiful show! Looking forward to seeing you at Rocky Mountain Folks Fest next month. Love the new songs!
  • Bwheelock bought reward: "a few hand-picked mp3s of the show (July 8th)"
  • Arnied: hope you make it east in the near future
  • ellis: Thank you so much for your input and presence!!
  • Arnied: HUGE HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ellis: Me too Arnie!! I am going to be in Teaneck NJ in March next year!
  • ellis: Whoo hoo Bwheelock! I'll pick the sweetest ones!! ;-)
  • ellis: I can't wait to be at Rocky Mountain either. My favorite time of year!!!
  • ellis: You are welcome Jon. Thank you and big hugs all around in NC!!!
  • ellis: thank you Azar!
  • ellis: Thank you Ty! Susan and Rich and happy Sunday everyone!!
  • wrlachman: Love and blessing -

Past shows

  • Sunday on the porch with Ellis online concert!

    This show was on Jul 8th, 2018 | 64 people watched
    13 Comments - See all
    • Jul 8
      I love being up close and personal with you and Terri. Your songs are beautiful and being recorded is great but not near as special as sharing time, music, love and laughs with you two and your audience. I might not ever make it to a live concert so this is the best on a personal level. Thank you. Love to all.
    • Jul 8
      P.s. Devon and I were especially happy to hear "Wherever You Are" as it has a special place in our hearts and has helped us both cope with the tremendous loss we have experienced in the past couple of years!! Thank you Ellis....Devon has now commandeered ALL of your albums and he listens to them all now, rotating through all of them at bedtime:)
    • Jul 11
      Best part of the concert was the music but i loved the live interaction as well.
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  • Ellis Delaney's all-request Spring Concert

    This show was on Mar 31st, 2018 | 87 people watched
    5 Comments - See all
    • Apr 3
      I am so glad I took the time to show up for this concert. I really hope I get to see you live some day! It was especially sweet because I knew my love was watching from his own computer. We are separated by over a 1000 miles right now, so it was a lovely way to feel connected.
    • Apr 4
      What was your favorite part of the performance? Our favorite part was her personal touch. Her little stories and, of course, the passion in her music.
    • Jul 8
      Would love to hear the finest adventure. Hello from Krakow!
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Ellis is an award-winning US nationally touring singer, songwriter and guitarist. Her music leaves audiences better than it finds them; with softened edged and opened hearts.


Ellis is an award-winning US nationally touring singer, songwriter and guitarist. Her music leaves audiences better than it finds them; with softened edged and opened hearts.


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