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  • restlesscourage: Thanks Ellis and Terri for a great show!
  • CarolynA: Thanks so much for a great afternoon!!
  • BillG: Thanks Ellis and Terri
  • Natalie: Oh it completely cut me off this time.
  • lcostanzo: yes, the stream cut off
  • ohnoboyz: Cut me off, too - thanks so much for the wonderful concert!
  • ellis: I'm gonna be on the chat for a couple min here if you want to chat with me!!
  • ellis: Thank you ohnoboyz!
  • Mary Kaye: thanks, Ellis! Greetings to T & R!
  • ellis: Thanks so much for joining me friends!
  • Natalie: Just want to send you a HUGE thanks, Ellis! You and your family are wonderful. Feeling the joy down here in Illinois.
  • ellis: HI Mary Kaye!!
  • Natalie: Thanks for hosting another show!
  • ohnoboyz: ohnoboyz is Mandy from Seattle, WA (can't get it to update my name or picture) See you next time!
  • sfgmi: big thanks! love ya.
  • ellis: Yes!!! I'll do another one sometime soon. See you next time Mandy!! Hello Seattle!!
  • Natalie: Wish I could see you sing in person again one day. It's been a about a decade since I saw you.
  • lcostanzo: Manny was playing his own music during the concert, slamming the cabinet doors. I asked him to at least try and get on beat..
  • ohnoboyz: Will you come back to Seattle anytime soon?
  • ellis: Lorinda! how fun is that?! He's my drummer!
  • ellis: I don't have plans right now Mandy.. I'd love to!! I'll send out an email if that comes together and let you know!1
  • ellis: Wow! Natalie where do you live?
  • ohnoboyz: My cat, Odie, came up while you were singing and laid down and went to sleep on the computer...it was purrrrfect. Sounds good!
  • lcostanzo: He drums on everything lol
  • BillG: all west coast touring is welcome!
  • ellis: Just saw Ilinois!!
  • Natalie: Near St. Louis, MO. But I saw you when I lived in VA/ DC. Were you recently in IL??
  • ellis: I would LOVE to come back to West Coast!! I will get on that! I don't know when yet, but it sure would be lovely to be out there!
  • lcostanzo: I'm thinking an electronic drum set is in his future, with headphones..
  • ellis: I was in Chicago recently
  • Natalie: Did you have a show up there?
  • ellis: Yes! I played on Rich Warren's Folk Stage radio program before the Midnight Special...
  • Natalie: Awe, man. Shoot. Wish I could have made it up there. I need to keep a closer eye on your shows.
  • Natalie: Thank you again for your music, live concerts, and hotline. Have a lovely evening! Cheers!
  • Sabrina bought reward: "a few hand-picked mp3s of the show (Aug 4, 2018)"
  • jeffe: Thanks, Ellis! It was so great to hear the new tunes as well as some old favorites. Hopefully, my friend Alex Creamer (an amazing singer/songwriter) will be able to see you at the house concert in Littleton.
  • ellis: Are you on my email list? https://www.ellis-music.com/list/ Just in case you haven't been getting my emails. Sometimes they don't land in the inbox.
  • Sabrina: Great show-- thanks! Good to see your smiling face.
  • ellis: Hooray Jeff!!! Littleton CO show!! I cannot wait! I look forward to meeting Alex. :)
  • Natalie: I'm pretty sure that I am, but I'll sign on again. I probably just missed it because my work schedule has been insane. Thanks, again.
  • ellis: Thank you Sabrina!! I'm happy you were able to make it! Whoo Hoo!!!
  • ellis: I'm gonna head out! Thanks everyone. Hope you have a good night!!
  • Sabrina: Peace out.
  • bought reward: "Mp3 download of this entire show (Aug 4, 2018)"

Past shows

  • Saturday on the Porch with Ellis

    This show was on Aug 4th, 2018 | 75 people watched
    9 Comments - See all
    • Aug 4
      Sooo good! I always love seeing Ellis perform live. Felt like I was right there on her porch. :)
    • Aug 4
      What was your favorite part of the performance? The intimate feeling of being right there with her.
    • Aug 5
      What was your favorite part of the performance? Getting connect with Ellis in real time and hearing favorite songs shared live. (Prior to this, I had only experienced Ellis’s music pre-recorded.
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  • Sunday on the porch with Ellis online concert!

    This show was on Jul 8th, 2018 | 64 people watched
    13 Comments - See all
    • Jul 8
      I love being up close and personal with you and Terri. Your songs are beautiful and being recorded is great but not near as special as sharing time, music, love and laughs with you two and your audience. I might not ever make it to a live concert so this is the best on a personal level. Thank you. Love to all.
    • Jul 8
      P.s. Devon and I were especially happy to hear "Wherever You Are" as it has a special place in our hearts and has helped us both cope with the tremendous loss we have experienced in the past couple of years!! Thank you Ellis....Devon has now commandeered ALL of your albums and he listens to them all now, rotating through all of them at bedtime:)
    • Jul 11
      Best part of the concert was the music but i loved the live interaction as well.
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Ellis is an award-winning US nationally touring singer, songwriter and guitarist. Her music leaves audiences better than it finds them; with softened edged and opened hearts.


Ellis is an award-winning US nationally touring singer, songwriter and guitarist. Her music leaves audiences better than it finds them; with softened edged and opened hearts.


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