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  • courtney.laduke: always makes me cry happy tears thinking about my gramma <3 she was my queen
  • Bgilkey: I just lost my grandma. She was my queen. I've shared this song with so many people after her passing.
  • tauracmway bought reward: "Mp3 download of this show (May 21, 2017)"
  • krathman tipped $1!
  • Clint W bought reward: "Mp3 download of this show (May 21, 2017)"
  • ellis: Oh Bgilkey. I'm sorry to hear that. And I'm happy this song moves you.
  • ellis: thanks friends!!!
  • Clint W: Yay, OK Factor!
  • JayJ79: I love these Ellis & OK Factor collabs. (OK-E dokie? hehe)
  • Clint W: Beautiful
  • MplsMeg: I remember the Warm Fuzzy book!!!
  • JayJ79 tipped $5!
  • sharon: Let the home people know that is A BEAUTIFUL Window in the background !
  • sharon: hahahah .... I am here !!
  • mc: Great job of keeping your community of fans connected to you and your music!!!
  • sharon: makes me happy ? listening to and seeing ELLIS !!
  • JayJ79: I always have to join in with the "do do do do do do do" chorus whenever this song comes on in the car (CD or MP3)
  • celenelyon: My favorite song of all!
  • celenelyon: "I am still here"
  • terridelaney: Hi friends! Who is watching today? Say hello if you're on the chat! We are recording today - you can get it as a tip reward, or become a Patron at patreon.com/ellis and we'll upload the songs later this week! :)
  • jafraiser: Hello from Idaho!
  • terridelaney: Ellis always reads the whole chat feed after, so feel free to write her a note here!
  • celenelyon: Hello from Rockport, MA!
  • courtney.laduke: hello from columbia sc!!
  • sharon: Ellis ... music feeds your soul !
  • courtney.laduke: best way to spend a sunday evening <3
  • Susan & Rich: Hi! Just back from my bike ride!
  • Kathryn Wall: Hello all! Kathy and my parents Mitch and Jo here in NC
  • Susan & Rich bought reward: "Mp3 download of this show (May 21, 2017)"
  • Clint W: Clint from Iowa. My wife and I are huge OK Factor fans and followers, but I've enjoyed getting to know some of Ellis's songs (and her great sense of humor!).
  • JayJ79: there's an Irish (I think) band called "We Banjo 3", now we have "We Ukelele 3"
  • Susan & Rich: Nice microphone!
  • mc: I saw Jake Shimabukuro at Swallow Hills Ukefest here in Denver last week, he is the real thing, Uke virtuoso, check him out!!!!
  • windycityhouseconcerts: clap clap
  • Susan & Rich: Glad I got home in time!
  • mc: Hey Ellis, have you listened to that recording of David W's class on songwriting, I just did for the first time, it is really great, check it out, I think you will appreciate it....MC
  • Susan & Rich: I forgot which way time zones went. It's earlier here!
  • estes kefauver: Nice show. Scott G
  • wrlachman: Wesley: loved hearing you although the sound was from across the room, loved seeing you although the lighting washed out your dear face, loved having you in our living room although the streaming cut out a number of times and threw us back to the start.
  • jafraiser: I haven't been able to watch an Ellis concert for quite a while, but it was a Truly Wonderful way to spend my Sunday Afternoon. It was awesome to hear The OK Factor as well! Absolutely beautiful! Jennifer F
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  • PATRICK JORDAN : it stopped

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      May 21
    • May 21
      So good to see you today, friend! - Kathy
    • May 21
      I so enjoy it when The OK Factor joins Ellis! Thanks to al three for a fantastic show!
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      Best part: laughing, crying, remembering, caring, and loving, along with you. What a journey! Thank you! <3
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      Thank you for your show. Really Great.
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      Be sure and let me know my tip went thru ... it may have been automatic .. I do not recall any details ! (let me know if it did not also ! haha) .. sharon gotta leave now . Jen's taking me to a Minimalist event at Cedar ! Been in house since '64 .. lot of stuff in here ! Good Grief I was a 'kid' in '64 ... long story there !
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Ellis is an award-winning US nationally touring singer, songwriter and guitarist. Her music leaves audiences better than it finds them; with softened edged and opened hearts.


Ellis is an award-winning US nationally touring singer, songwriter and guitarist. Her music leaves audiences better than it finds them; with softened edged and opened hearts.


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