How Anna Vogelzang used a Concert Window show to boost her Kickstarter campaign

By Dan Gurney - January 5, 2016


During her recent Kickstarter campaign, which just successfully raised over $21,000, Anna Vogelzang did a Concert Window show to thank her community and push the campaign towards the finish line. The show was free to view, and Anna played songs and...

How They Might Be Giants used Concert Window to do something special for their fans

By Dan Gurney - December 10, 2015


One of music’s most creative and trend-setting bands, They Might Be Giants, recently decided to do something special for their fans: a “secret show” live stream from tour.

TMBG’s management, The Hornblow Group, had worked with Concert Window before and decided to use the platform to broadcast a live show from The Music Hall of Williamsburg.