How to broadcast with Flash Media Live Encoder


Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE for short) is a free piece of software that enables you to broadcast live from your computer, right up to your Concert Window channel.

It's fairly easy to set up.

First, download FMLE: and open the program.

Then, go to your Concert Window broadcaster page and click the "RTMP" tab.

Copy and paste the "RTMP URL" and "RTMP Stream Name" into the fields in the right side of FMLE.

Choose your FMLE broadcast settings on the left side of the software. We recommend H.264 video format (not VP6), a 640x360 aspect ratio, 500 kbps video quality, and 128 kbps audio quality. If you have limited internet bandwidth, lower the quality levels.

Click "Start" at the bottom of FMLE.

Your stream will now be broadcasting up to your Concert Window channel! You can even preview it in your broadcaster page and switch between Test and Live modes.

- You'll need to copy/paste new RTMP info for each show
- The stream will show up on your channel beginning 30 mins before showtime
- If FMLE is using too much of your computer's processor, try Open Broadcaster Software, another free alternative that works the same way.

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  • May 15
    hi kvlt-krew, can you send a screenshot of what you're seeing to we'll help you out
  • May 29
    Following the instructions to download the Flash Media Live Encoder, its says to download it then open it then go to my concert window page and click on the "RTMP" tab BUT...there is no such tab on my home page???
  • Jun 3
    Click "Broadcast" or "Schedule Show" then go to your broadcaster. You'll see the RTMP tab.
  • Dec 13
    I"m trying to use FMLE for my show tonight, and it is connecting to the Test Stream window, but will often cut out. I'm worried this will be an issue at my show tonight. Any help on tweaks I can do on FMLE? I have it set on my Zoom Q2HD webcam for video, and my duet apogee interface (which is connected to a Aventone CV 12) for my audio. Settings I have for FMLE are: Format H.264, Frame Rate: 20 fps, Input size: 320x240. Adio: bit rate 48, 22050 sample rate, mono mp3.
  • Dec 13
    (didn't mean to post above comment already)....another note: I was having issues with the regular web llivestream option on concertwindow, as it was not syncing my video and audio. Thanks for the help guys!
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