Our homepage is your homepage, that's why we're giving everyone the chance to not only be on the homepage, but BE the homepage.

When you broadcast on Concert Window and your show has the most viewers at that time, we'll turn your channel into the Concert Window homepage. This means that anyone visiting Concert Window will get directed to your channel first. We'll be directing new viewers directly to your show and giving visitors to the site an immediate music experience!

So what are you waiting for? Broadcast now to become the Concert Window homepage.

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  • Apr 29
    As a listener, this makes me irritated and crabby. It does NOT induce me to stay and watch whatever I've been logged in to. (And for which I'll later receive one of those automated emails asking how I liked the show)
  • Apr 29
    It might be somewhat more palatable if the technique used a special "home page winner" layout where the winning show appears live at the top of the page, with a special header, BUT below the concert view, the rest of the normal home page still appears.
  • Apr 29
    Viewers who stumble onto a "home page winner" NEED to be made aware of what has happened. And to have a clear option to stay, pay, and listen OR to go about their intended business.
  • Apr 29
    Oh - and I second and third Chelsea's (unrelated to the blog topic) comment about venue identification. "Open mic" tells me nothing. Bring back the options to view schedule by venue - and genre
  • Apr 29
    Technical observation: for the love of mike or sam or mary, PLEASE add a note under the comments box telling us how many characters we can type in before the Great Dragon eats the entire post.
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