The Blue-Notifier


We've been working tirelessly at Concert Window in order to improve the product and push the boundaries of live-streaming, and whilst Jay Z is busy assembling Kanye West and a bunch others into an awkward conference room, we're actually making stuff happen. We're proud to present to you our latest creation: the Blue-Notifier.

Yes, finally a piece of computer software built into the Concert Window server that will detect and notify us if anyone on Concert Window attempts to play a blue note. Using our proprietary frequency evaluation algorithm, the Blue-Notifier® detects deviations from approved chord structures. The slightest hint of jazz and the alarms will sound, prompting a swift and direct response from the Concert Window Jazz Police, closing down the system and shielding vulnerable users from experiencing the self indulgence of the internet jazz musician. Furthermore, no instrument is out of reach; double bass, clarinet - even the soprano saxophone - is within the system's hearing range and will be caught in the act.

Whilst Concert Window is an open platform, we've decided enough is enough, and there are only so many be's we can bop and scoobeedoobedoobee's we can scoobeedoobeedooba. Furthermore, jazz musicians don't make a money in real life, so what makes them think the internet will be anymore prosperous?

No need to thank us, it's all in a days work for Team CW.

  • Apr 1
  • Apr 1
    nice to be reminded what day it is early on...
  • Apr 1
    Can someone bail me out? I need 50 000 internet points for speeding through a B flat altered scale!
  • Apr 2
    I've got you covered Bass Guy. Internet point transfer in progress...
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