Why Busk?


Busk is the first iOS application from Concert Window. Busk allows artists to broadcast over 4G or wifi directly to their Concert Window channel. Why use Busk, though? Your webcam and USB mic has been working fine all this time...why switch? Well, here's why.

Broadcasting is easier with Busk.
Download the app, login using your Concert Window details, and hit "start broadcast". It's that simple. The livestream will be beamed directly to your Concert Window channel.

Broadcast quality is better with Busk.
The iPhone 6 is capable of capturing 1080p HD video at 60 frames per second, which is staggeringly great quality, way better than what we've seen in laptop computers to date.

Endless creative possibilities.
You no longer need to be tied to the computer or broadcast from home. With Busk, you can broadcast from outside or from the road over 4G.

  • Apr 1
    Sounds great. I will be trying it next Tuesday. Looking forward to it!
  • Apr 14
    This could be ideal for a songwriter in the green room before a gig, an a capella group flash-mobbing on a street corner, a glassblower at a craft fair, or a sign painter demonstrating lettering skills.
  • Dec 21
    excellent :)
  • Jan 21
    NO longer available! What's the deal?
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