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We launched our iOS broadcasting app for artists, Busk, just last week, and already we've seen some great results from artists choosing to broadcast using iPads or iPhones. We're really happy with way things are coming together and can't wait to see how artists use the app in the future.

Here are a few highlight from recent shows broadcasted using Busk.

The Yanks showed us that Busk can handle international broadcasting with ease as they broadcast live from Ireland.

Kevin Seconds gave Busk a spin on an iPhone 4S.

These guys used Busk at a venue and the results are pretty great. Remember, this is just an iPhone placed at the back of a venue, no external micss or cameras.

Concert Window CEO, Dan Gurney, takes testing very seriously. Here is evidence that Busk can handle even the most difficult of challenges. Yes, Busk will withstand hours of solo accordion, even if you can't.

Even children are captivated with Busk.

So, there you have it. A quick roundup of this week's highlight videos from our mobile broadcasting app for artists.

Get Busk.

  • Mar 8
    I want it!
  • Mar 15
    I think you also might want to concentrate on higher end webcasts. Now that there are less venue shows the average quality of Concert Window's webcasts is taking a beating.
  • Apr 19
    I think the opposite: I want to see street performances, impromptu meetings, camp fire guitar pulls, or festival shade tree sessions. I hope to broadcast from Merlefest next weekend, but, the cel coverage there is always dicey, so we'll see.
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