Dear bold souls, brave warriors and wild beasts!

It's competition time here at Concert Window, and the grand prize is a real, genuine, designed in California, made in China Apple iPad Mini, complete with all 4Gs.

"Oooooh, ahhhhhh, how do we win?" we hear you cry. Ok, heres the small print - read it thoroughly!

1) Download our broadcasting app, Busk, from the Apple App Store.

2) Play a show and broadcast it using Busk. (To do this, go live from the app at showtime and Busk will broadcast to your channel)

3) When the show is complete, go to your Concert Window Dashboard from your computer and create a highlight video from the show you broadcasted with Busk.

4) Share your highlight video on Facebook and tag @ConcertWindow.

Here's the catch!

If you think for a minute we're going to send you an iPad for playing a show in your living room, you are wrong! We want you to go big or go home. Scale mountains, take to the ocean, broadcast from the belly of a whale, broadcast from the wings of an eagle. Seriously, iPads don't come cheap, so we're expecting effort!

Note: Due to the extreme nature of the task we don't expect you to play a 40-minute show from the edge of a volcano - we're just looking for a one-song highlight video from the coolest, most extreme, most hilarious location imaginable.

Submit your entries by midnight on April 1st to be in with a chance of winning. The winner will be announced on April 3rd to a glorious fanfare of trumpets! Life's a competition, now go win it!

Good luck & get creative!


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