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This Wednesday night, January 28th, Concert Window will be hosting a number of amazing shows, including the regular monthly show from Queen of Concert Window, Liz Longley, and welcoming newcomers Adrianne Lenker and Buck Meek, whose music we've been fans of for a while.

The Midweek Peak shows, however, feature two musicians who we're sure many of you will know about already. Rushad Eggleston & Rayna Gellert! Rayna, a founding member of female string band, Uncle Earl, will kick things off at 9PM EST and we're sure the show will be awesome. Here's a clip from Rayna's last Concert Window show. We're sure you'll agree it's pretty great.

Self-proclaimed cello goblin and all 'round odd creature and master cellist, Rushad Eggleston, will perform right after Rayna at 10PM EST. Rushad, founding member of Crooked Still, really has to be seen to be believed. We're not really sure what to expect, but it will no doubt be pretty wacky and pretty genius at the same time. Here's a clip of the man in action with a song about peeing on a bird. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Rayna's Concert Window channel.

Rushad's Concert Window channel.

  • Jan 25
    Holy cow, my heart was in my mouth when I read "Rushad & Rayna", I thought you meant they were playing together, now THAT would be an awesome show!
  • Jan 25
    By the way, the link to Rushad's channel points to Rayna's channel.
  • Jan 25
    Ah good catch, thanks. Fixed now
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