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If you're a regular to the site, you will be aware that we have made a number of updates recently, the introduction of channels being the biggest addition to the system. So far, channels have been working great for artists, as they enable you to have your own Concert Window destination with customizable URL. A home base for all your streaming needs, if you will.

What also got us excited about channels is the fact that they work just as well for venues. Before, we had a pretty complicated system that involved lots of back and forth, so venues had no real way of building on past shows the way an artist could by gaining followers, etc. With the new system, venues are able to capitalize on a number of features that not only make it better for viewers and artists, but also reward the venues themselves.

These include:

-Having a single channel where all your shows are broadcast, meaning a single URL to share with your online audience.
-The ability to fill out your upcoming shows as far in advance as you want, without having to contact Concert Window HQ.
-The ability to create and save highlight videos to your channel, giving viewers a chance to browse your live-streaming archive.
-The ability for viewers to follow your channel just as they would with an artist, allowing you to build a following over time and build a relationship with your online audience.
- The ability to add last-minute shows whenever you want.
- Full statistics in your Dashboard for tickets, tips, chats, and more.
- Next-day payment via Paypal.

We've seen some incredible broadcasts from venues over the years and we've just made it easier than ever to find venue channels. We've made a dedicated section on our homepage that lets you browse all Concert Window-approved venues.

Whilst we are currently unable to assist with the technical setup of venues (it can get complicated – we recommend you work with a video professional to set it up!), we still encourage venues to start broadcasting their shows, should they wish to.

Below is a quick sketch of what a professional venue setup might entail. If you've got the venue and got the gear, we've got the perfect online home for your venue and artists to connect with the world.

This is a rough outline based on the system currently installed at Club Passim in Massachusetts. Similar equipment is available in today's market and other system configurations will work. This is just an example of the technology needed.


Canon Vixia video camera (or any HD consumer video camera w/ HDMI out)
Mini-HDMI-to-HDMI converter
HDMI cable
RCA out cable from soundboard
PC Desktop computer w/ quad core i7 processor
Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture card (that's what the video and audio plug into)
Flash Media Live Encoder Software

Assembly Notes:

The camera needs a mini-HDMI-to-HDMI adaptor so that a full HDMI cable can be plugged in (50 foot max length before signal degrades). Meanwhile, that cable gets plugged into the outermost HDMI port on the Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture card (which is a PCI card that literally goes into the computer tower).

Meanwhile, on the audio end, the best way is to use an AUX out port on the soundboard to get an RCA cable going into the Blackmagic card. Could be XLR-to-RCA adaptor, could be 1/4"-to-RCA, whatever is available. You can also do 1/4"-to-1/8" from the soundboard and go into the computer via line-in if the PC tower has one (thus bypassing the capture card completely).

Once everything is plugged in, open Blackmagic Control Panel software and make sure you've selected the correct inputs. (Probably "HDMI video and RCA audio" and 30 fps)

Then, in Flash Media Live Encoder, match up all the settings to correspond to what the Blackmagic is collecting via video/audio. Usually, it's 29.99 fps frame rate, input is 1920x1080. Inputs for both audio and video should be "Decklink capture" in the dropdowns.

This takes some trial and error, and should only be attempted if you feel you have sufficient time and patience to give it a go, or have a friend who has done it before. Again, we unfortunately aren’t able to help set up or troubleshoot venue hardware given the wide variability in system components. Once you are broadcasting, please contact to be considered as an official Concert Window venue.You can read the criteria for becoming a venue here, in our FAQ.

Now enjoy some Minnie Riperton.

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  • Jan 18
    The venue pages no longer give artist descriptions. Why?
  • Jan 18
    We're going to add that back in before too long.
  • Jan 19
    How about putting back venue icons next the artist on the main schedule page?
  • Jan 19
    Thank You
  • Jan 20
    Is it possible to tip an artist doing a venue show in advance now?
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