Peter Mulvey's One Day World Tour


Many of you may already be familiar with folk musician, Peter Mulvey. A well-known singer-songwriter from Wisconsin, we've been proud to broadcast his shows from Club Passim a number of times. Signed to Northampton, MA-based label, Signature Sounds, and with a 20-year career in music, Peter is quite the force.

On January 25th, Peter Mulvey will make Concert Window history by performing continuously for an entire 12 hours! Yes, Peter will play twelve 45-minute sets of music without repeating a single song. Live on Concert Window!

Here's the deal from the man himself.

"On Sunday, January 25th, I'll be playing a 12 hour online concert, streaming through Concert Window, live from the Cafe Carpe. Starting at 8am, I'll play twelve 45-minute sets, without repeating a song. There will be a few special guests and a few other surprises. Each hour I'll take one request (voting via Twitter and Facebook) and answer one question from the online audience. This is a "Pay what you want" event.

Each hour I'll be giving a shout-out to a different non-profit, and both I and Concert Window have agreed to donate half the proceeds with these twelve non-profits. This is for all of you who ask when I'm coming to your town, and for all of you who live in places so out-of-the-way that I don't tour there. This is a thank you, and a jaunt through my songwriting history; a throwback to my long days of busking in the subway, a chance to be of use to organizations that do some good, and also, at heart, just another quixotic idea, like touring by bicycle, or, frankly, like setting out on the road to make a life of playing music, which is what some kid, some kid I used to be, actually did, twenty-odd years ago.

AND THERE'S MORE: If you live near the Cafe Carpe, you can show up in person for the last two sets, which will be a regular ol' gig. Though, fair warning, you'll be seeing the eleventh and twelfth sets of music I'll be playing that day. I might be fairly ragged. Also I might be levitating."

Well, there you have it. A rather novel idea that will benefit a number of good causes along the way. Concert Window are glad to be a part of it all and wish Peter all the very best. We shall meet you at the finish line with a foil blanket and your winners medal! Good luck, sir!

Peter's Concert Window Channel.

  • Jan 16
    What a brave, pioneering idea. You'll be blessing our house with your music marathon.
  • Jan 26
    This show was so mid-western. Hardworking, talented, and nice folk singer puts on an epic show, invites all his friends, and gives away a bunch of money. Don'tcha know. Thanks Peter and CW!
  • Feb 1
    Awesome show. Awesome concept. Hats off to Peter Mulvey.
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