Introducing our new iOS app, Concert Window Broadcaster!


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Musicians around the world are hearing about live streaming. But it's not obvious how to get started. What tech is involved?

With our new app "Concert Window Broadcaster" for iPhone and iPad, it's incredibly easy.

Download the app and tap "Start broadcast". Your fans get a link to tune in. They chat, tip, and have a great time.

That's it!

It's never been easier to stream your shows and bring fans into your world.

The app also includes features like:
- Broadcasting to your existing scheduled shows on Concert Window
- Pinch-to-zoom
- Social share options
- Stats after each show

Whether you're broadcasting a show from a venue, checking in with fans from tour, or playing a show in your living room, Concert Window Broadcaster is the easiest way to start streaming your shows.

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25 Comments - See all
  • Sep 9
    Has this app been tested with the iRig Pro Duo lightning audio interface?
  • Dec 9
    I'm on a Samsung tablet can you guys try to make an app compatible with devices other than apple devices please? Thanks.
  • May 26
    Works fine with griffin studioconnect.
  • May 31
    Why no Android version?!?! Really.
  • Nov 11
    Is the app still available? Can’t find it in the app store...
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