We’ve heard your feedback – Here are some upcoming requested features


Hi everyone, thanks for all your comments on the last few blog posts. Your feedback is really helpful as we’re figuring out how to continue improving the site. Here are a few issues that have come up regularly, and how we’re fixing them:

I’m trying to find/watch a show, but not sure how to do it.

When signing up, we’re adding back the toggle between Fan and Artist. That way, we can customize the experience for you. Artists will see all the usual broadcast tools, while fans will just see a simple button that says “Broadcast your own show”. You don't have to, but the button is there if you ever feel like it. In addition, in the top nav bar, we’re renaming “Discover” to “Schedule” to make it clearer how to find today’s shows.

I no longer get reminder emails in advance of shows.

We replaced “Remind me” with “Follow” since it’s a more consistent way to keep track of your favorite artists. However we also took out advance emails, which makes it harder to know when a show you’ll like is coming up. That was a mistake so we’re going to fix it by sending a personalized email each morning. It will tell you about today’s shows by artists you follow. So: if you want to be reminded of a show, “Follow” the artist and you’ll get a reminder email the morning of the show.

There’s no way to see ONLY the shows that I’m interested in.

We’re going to add a special “Following” section to the site, where you can see a personalized schedule of all the shows coming up by artists you follow. That way you can see at a glance when all your favorite artists are playing. Also, we’re – finally – going to add “genre” filters to the schedule page, so you can see upcoming shows in your favorite genre only.

I can’t find my favorite venues on Concert Window.

We’re adding a section on the homepage where we’ll collect all the venues in one spot.

Anything else on your mind? Please let us know in the comments below.

Team CW

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  • Jan 20
    but I have to follow the club to be notified. Please tell me you're at least working on it. Everyone loses this way.
  • Feb 15
    I always whine, so I want to change up and offer a positive comment: thank you so much for adding in the calendar link functionality! As a listener it is a big help - and allows me to get reminders on my immediate-notification account.
  • Feb 15
    Then half a whine: (Since there is no option to specify an alternate email for your email notifications, especially the "live now" which is useless unless it comes to an email and device I have on and with me at the moment)
  • Mar 10
    Is there a page/way to access current rewards being offered by all artists? Help increase revenue for everyone?
  • Jun 20
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