Well, time flies, doesn't it? We were so caught up with the huge round of incredible holiday shows, we just realized it's 2015! There's no better time to get started with Concert Window, and we want to start the year off with a big warm welcome to newcomers...

We bring you our January festival, New Year, New Artists, running January 23rd-31st! We've got some great new acts signed up already, but once again, we're welcoming your submissions. Please shoot an email to if you're new to Concert Window and you'd like to be considered to be included in the line-up. And hey - if you're already using Concert Window, we want your help! Give your friends a shout and let 'em know we're featuring new artists.

Team CW

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  • Jan 5
    Plus as mentioned above, the main page listing still offers sorting options for Venue but, of course, can't provide results because now venues = artists = laptops.
  • Jan 5
    Good point Carolyn, we should add the Show Title to the "venue just went live" email.
  • Jan 5
    We're going to add a personalized schedule soon, too, which should help you to see which artists are coming up at your favorite venues.
  • Jan 5
    Looking forward to the artist being added to the venue email. But I love concert window and the way in which you listen to input and make changes!
  • Jan 5
    Thanks CW team
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