Why Concert Window Matters

By Dan Gurney - December 31, 2014


I’ve always thought about Concert Window from the perspective of the musician because that’s where the pain lies. Musicians are the carriers of pain, and also love, and their ability to communicate those emotions is the reason we love music.

Music makes us do irrational things. Like drive 3 hours to a concert. Like tip $100 during an online show. Like chase after someone we have no business chasing after. Music makes us a little crazy. That’s why it’s important.

And what sucks about this whole situation is that musicians do not have it easy. You’d think that with the amount of joy they provide, they would be treated like royalty. Quite the opposite. They put up with endless traveling, forgo stable home lives, and play crap gigs because they can’t see themselves doing anything else.

Musicians should be compensated according to what they bring the world. That’s why Concert Window is important. It allows people to support musicians – for being themselves. Concert Window is about creative independence. It’s about freedom from control. It’s about expression. And it’s about a real connection between people.

What happens during a Concert Window show is more than just a digital transaction. It’s a window into a musician’s own world. It’s an authentic experience. And there’s nothing to hide behind. It’s a musician answering the all important question, “Can you play? Do you have it?”

If you do, Concert Window allows you to be rewarded for it.

That’s a beautiful thing, and that’s why I started this company.

Dan Gurney is the CEO of Concert Window

  • Jan 2
    It's an awesome feeling to be paid for doing work you love, but the coolest part for us is being able to include everyone- even those who live far away or can't afford a night out- in the live show experience.
  • Jan 2
    We're having a blast with it. Thanks & keep up the great work!
  • Jan 3
    Thanks EL! We appreciate it
  • Jan 9
    It's the best!
  • Jan 14
    I admire and share your passion to reward musicians. Congratulations on making it the best it can be. I enjoy presenting shows and spreading the word. Looking forward to the day that I understand and can utilize all the new features.
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