Updates Have Arrived!


Well, the time is finally here. We've just launched the new updates to Concert Window, and we hope you like 'em. We've been working through the night to get these updates to you, and they're finally here, just in time for Santa. Let's look at some of the main changes:


Every single user will now have a channel. For artists, your channel is where all your shows will happen from now on. No more separate show pages. Everything happens from here, and you can edit all your profile info (eg. bio, photo, etc.) and tip rewards from here. For viewers, if one day you want to go live, or you just want to fill out some info about yourself for other viewers to get to know you more, go for it. The channel is your oyster.


To create your own custom URL, click edit next to your name, then customize the URL in the popup window.


We're now introducing the ability to GO LIVE! Yes, that's it. Just it. No need to schedule in advance (though, you can still do that, too!). If you feel inspired and want to share it with your fans, hit "Go Live" and we'll notify your followers right away.


You can now add multiple tip rewards right from your channel! Click 'edit' on the tip rewards and add as many as you like. The featured reward will appear above your video feed, all the others will stay on the lower part of the channel. Even when you're not live, all the tip rewards will remain published and can be purchased by fans 24/7. You can edit, delete or reorder these at any time.


You will still create and edit your highlight videos in your Dashboard. However, in addition, the highlight videos will now appear on your channel. This will give fans something to watch when you're not live, and who knows, they might even tip you for it, too.


Artists, you can add or edit your payout details at the top of your Dashboard. This will let us pay you out after your show.

Please note:
As a viewer you can't pay on Concert Window using Paypal just yet. We use Stripe to process all viewer credit card transactions as it's currently the leading secure transaction application available online.

Let us know in the comments below if you experience any issues, and we'll get on it. All the information you need to navigate through the updates can be found in our help center here.

That's some helpful info that will get you started with the new Concert Window. We strongly recommend that you login a few days before your next show in order to get fully up-to-speed with the new system.

Hope you all like it! Please check out out our FAQ for further info and direct any questions you may have to artists@concertwindow.com.

Yours truly,

Team CW

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  • Jan 2
    hi Bruce, can you email artists@concertwindow.com? Thank you
  • Jan 3
    Hey Guys, any chance making default time zone user configurable? I'd like to be able to set the default time to pacific hours(or did I miss that?
  • Jan 14
    Studying past blogs for information on Highlight Videos. Been to dashboard, found past shows, but stumped so far, on the next step to create Highlight Videos.
  • Jan 23
    good idea jd-sinclair
  • Jan 23
    powderbear - highlight videos will be available for all of your future shows (not for past shows, though)
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