Ch-Ch-Ch Changes!


If you have been keeping an eye on our social media profiles recently, you will be aware that we're working on some big updates here at Concert Window HQ. We're wrapping up 2014 and heading into the new year with some great new features that we feel will make live streaming bigger and better than ever before. Here's a quick rundown of what's a-comin'.


Everyone is getting their own channel. Gone will be the days of hosting each show on a different URL. Ain't nobody got time for that! From now on in, you will have your own custom channel with your own custom URL. Yup, may one day be something that exists for us all to marvel at daily.

"So, what's so great about these channels," you ask. Well, every time you broadcast on Concert Window, the show will appear right on your channel. Every show will happen in the same place. Highlight videos from all your previous shows will be saved directly on your channel. You will be able to gain and grow followers, as well as add links to your website, Soundcloud, Bandcamp & Facebook. You can even upload links to Youtube videos to your channel. It's your new home away from home.

Multiple Tip Rewards.

Yeah, freaking loads of them! We've built a system that allows artists to upload as many unique tip rewards as they wish. Each tip reward can be priced accordingly and can sit active on your channel for as long as you like. In short, you can sell merch on Concert Window even when you're not playing a show. 24/7 merch stall, y'all!

Go Live

Booking a show in advance is great, and we're all for that. It works, and it'll continue to work, so keep scheduling as you please! However, in the interest of being a platform that works seamlessly for every musician, we're introducing the ability to "Go live" without having to schedule.

As musicians ourselves, we know you can't plan inspiration, you can't always set the clock by when some of your greatest songs come to you. What we're enabling you to do is share those moments. The "Go live" button lets you do just that! In a matter of seconds, you can be broadcasting on Concert Window and sharing the moments you want to with your online audience around the world. Furthermore, we'll notify all your followers the minute you go live.... shazzzzam!

So, there you have it. That's the bones of what we're excited to be launching very soon. When it goes public later this week, we encourage you to login and explore a little, check out the new channels and customize as you wish. We've fully updated the FAQ with all the info, should anyone need any tips along the way.

We're really pleased with the way everything is looking, and are excited to see where you guys take Concert Window in 2015. This year has been incredibly fun for us, and we can't think you all enough for your continued support for the platform!

-Team CW

  • Dec 14
    Sounds great. But have do we access these new features? Are they active now?
  • Dec 14
    Will the GoLive feature be available to venues?
  • Dec 14
    @freightsound, absolutely! @AustinCityJams, they'll be launched later this week.
  • Dec 28
    Looking for "highlights from previous shows now" Can't wait until I figure that one out! So far not however.
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