David Cook Reaches $1 Million Fundraising Goal for Brain Cancer Research


On December 2nd, Concert Window was pleased to be a part of a truly inspirational event. David Cook, American Idol winner and platinum selling recording artist, performed a benefit concert live at Jammin’ Java in Virginia with the aim of reaching a $1 million fundraising goal – six years in the making – in support of brain cancer research.

Cook has been a champion for brain cancer research since losing his beloved brother Adam to the disease. “It’s one of my proudest life experiences to be involved in this fight.” said Cook, “The way the fans have galvanized around this cause has been huge.”

Cook and his team decided to bring in a worldwide audience for the show by hiring a video crew and live streaming the event on Concert Window. Deana Martin, Director of Events for Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, described the planning process: “When we were planning the event we knew we had to find a way to include David’s fans from all over the world, as they have been a huge part of the fundraising the past 6 years. I had heard great things about Concert Window and we liked [the] platform. We worked with a video company who handled the in-venue camera work and stream for us so it would be professional quality for everyone. We were very happy with how everything turned out and the fans on the livestream really contributed to the fundraising the night of the show.”

Through the incredibly generous support of David’s loyal fanbase, both at the venue and online, the team was able to reach its goal of $1 million raised.

“Raising a million dollars for brain cancer research is quite an accomplishment,” said Max Wallace, CEO of ABC2. “David and his fans are making a big impact.”

  • Dec 5
    Thank you for the nice article! And thank you for helping David include all of us who couldn't be at the show. It was an amazing night for sure, and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it!
  • Dec 5
    Thank you to David Cook, Deana, the video crew and Concert Window for making the livestream possible! It was a memorable night and a huge accomplishment. I was so happy to get to watch it happen live!
  • Dec 6
    Wow. So great of you to acknowledge this great moment. So happy David and us fans hit 1 Million for brain cancer research. David was so happy! Loved the quality your site provided of this memorable concert. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.
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