This website cannot be found. Ugh.

By Jonathan Daily - December 2, 2014


You may have noticed that experienced intermittent downtime between 2pm EST and 2am EST yesterday (12/01/2014). This was the result of a massive DDoS attack on our DNS host dnsimple.

DNS is the part of the internet that maps domain names like to the actual computers that run these sites/applications. If DNS fails to work properly, your browser will be unable to find the computer that actually corresponds to the domain name that you are trying to connect to. During the attack yesterday, the Concert Window application was actually humming along just fine, unaffected. Unfortunately our DNS was trashed and as a result you likely were not able to find the proper computer. But there was no issue with any CW application or its data.

This attack did highlight a vulnerability in CW's infrastructure. We will be implementing backup procedures to strengthen this part of our infrastructure and prevent an outage like this in the future. We realize that CW is an important resource for musicians and fans and we take our job of providing that resource reliably very seriously. We apologize for any inconvenience that this created for you. We will continue to work hard to provide you with the best place to stream your shows online, and to watch live online music.

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  • Dec 3
    Even in the middle of what I'm sure was a harrowing day, Dan Gurney found time to reply to my rather mundane enquiry. I’m impressed.
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