Record Release Shows


Releasing a new record is a big moment in any artist's career. You've written, rewritten, pre-produced, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered the words and music that say something about who you are. You've poured yourself into the entire project and now it's time for the world to take that little bit of you, digest it, and in turn, find a little bit of themselves.

The record release process can often be a tricky one to handle. What venue should it happen at? Will it sell out? You have thousands of fans in NYC, but the way the tour has worked out, you have to do the release show in Philly. Well, this is where Concert Window comes in. We've had a number of artists release their record live on Concert Window. Your entire fanbase can tune in online and be a part of the community who gets to hear your new music first. Here are a few release-related scenarios that may just work out for your next record release.

1. A Good Ol' Fashioned Online Release Show
The night before you record goes on sale to the general public, why don't you premier it on Concert Window? You could even set the album as a tip reward, giving your diehard fans a chance to own it before it's in the shops. Why play to one town when you can play to them all at once?

2. Album Preview Show
Heather Maloney recently went into the studio to make some music, but before doing so, she gave her fans a little sneak peak of what to expect. The night before Heather started work on the record, she performed an intimate set of new material on Concert Window. The icing on the cake is, at Heather’s request, we sent the money she made on Concert Window directly to the Kickstarter campaign that funded the recording costs. Neat, huh?

3. Work in Progress Performance
Invite your fans into the studio with you! We don't mean physically, but virtually, Concert Window-y. Give your fans a chance to see inside the studio, let them see what it looks like to record a hit album. Performing an intimate set from the studio is a great way to engage your fans and let them hear what you have been working on and how the record is shaping up.

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