Arrested NYC subway busker takes his show online.


If you cast your mind back to a few weeks ago, you will no doubt remember the news story about the New York City busker that went viral and shocked decent human beings everywhere. Andrew Kalleen was playing his music, lawfully, in the New York City subway - a sight so familiar to the residents of the city as the trains themselves. In case you missed the story at the time, check out the video below to see how ridiculously Andrew was treated by one of "New York's Finest."

In a city where you'd think the cops would have better things to worry about, Mr. Police Officer decided the innocent commuters needed protected from Andrew's music. Or maybe he just wasn't in the mood for Pink Floyd that night, or felt Andrew's socks, in all their neon pink glory, where just too much for innocent civilians to handle.

In all seriousness, though, the way Andrew was treated by the cops for playing an acoustic guitar in public is pretty damn horrendous if you ask us. So, in light of all this, Andrew Kalleen will be taking to the safety of Concert Window and broadcasting a show live online, November 26th at 9PM EDT. We're all thrilled to have him and hope everyone who shared Andrew's video online will be able to tune in and show support. No doubt, there will be some cop somewhere wrestling the internet to the ground, trying to put an end to it all. Heaven forbid, we'll all just get along and enjoy ourselves, eh?

Be sure to check out Andrew live on Concert Window, November 26th at 9PM EDT. He's more than just a viral news story. He's a damn fine musician!

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  • Nov 30
    I tend to feel more for the cop than for you. He has to support his family, and he was only doing his job.
  • Dec 19
    i don't know how you can watch the video, see the cop read the rules/ordinance, and feel he is doing his job - to “serve and protect” and enforce the constitution.
  • Dec 19
    he reads out loud that playing in the subway is allowed, and he continues to defy the rule and law and make up his own. how is that doing his job?
  • Dec 19
    the cop could have just walked on by and enjoyed the music, or at least, after he read the rule out loud to all in attendance, said "sorry, i was wrong, have a good day". then he would have been doing his job.
  • Jun 11
    I agree, Aer.
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