Blackpot Festival: October 24th & 25th


Our very dear friends at Valcour Records and Blackpot Festival have teamed up to present some brilliant musical moments from this year's Blackpot Festival in Louisiana.

The festival is a cooperative of south Louisiana musicians, artists and southern culture enthusiasts, creating an unprecedented gathering of south Louisiana's hottest roots bands, as well as a number of groups from all over the country. Live performances range from Cajun & Zydeco, to Creole, Swing, Hot Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass, Americana, Irish & Old-Time. Plus, an old-fashioned black pot cook-off, accordion contest and square dancing.

Concert Window's very own Emma Beaton will be heading down to the festival on Friday. Be sure to check out her show with the wonderful Anna Lindblad on October 24th, as well as all the other fantastic acts set to broadcast from the festival.

View full broadcast lineup here.

  • Oct 23
    Yes! Excited.
  • Oct 26
    Sad that the portion that I tried to watch, failed. Is there a problem within Concert Window? Or is it the volunteer on site help that fails? I want to help Concert Window become better. What can I do?
  • Oct 27
    Hi @powderbear, there were unfortunate difficulties with the wifi onsite. After much troubleshooting and two IT guys from the wifi company, they were unable to get it up and running. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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