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Founding members of the groundbreaking acoustic band, Cadillac Sky, Matt Menefee and Ross Holmes have been composing and creating since their first brief encounter together years ago. ChessBoxer is the result of a mutual desire to inform the good folks that instrumental music is not a mere sleep aid, but "more like an exciting novel, a captivating story that engages all levels of emotion." That is ChessBoxer, in their own words. If you were lucky enough to see their live Concert Window show during our Nashville Nights festival, you will agree that Matt and Ross are no sleep aid. The show was jam-packed with energy, excitement and musical virtuosity.

"You people might be used to short shows, but ChessBoxer does long shows," explained Holmes, 30-minutes into the show.

The band played on for over an hour with an impressive variety of musical guests, brilliant audience interaction and superb musicianship. Thanks to the guys brilliant connection with the audience and the willingness to entertain, the chat window exploded with well over 300 chats and over $700 in the bank. Chessboxer had the audience well and truly in the palm of their hands. Here's what the guys had to say after the show:

"Our first Concert Window gig - what an experience, what an amazingly personal and relaxed way to perform for friends and fans. We played old and new material, laughed, told stories, invited some guest musicians, and are so very much looking forward to booking another show!"

Check 'em out.

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  • Oct 20
    These guys are terrific! I didn't get to listen to this show, but I'm not surprised that they had such a large and enthusiastic crowd.
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